Lockdown Lessons #2

Hello readers, I know you’re probably thinking, how long is a day, seeing as in the last post I said “I’ll continue tomorrow” and then tomorrow never came! Until now, now tomorrow is today and I will let you into the two other lessons I have learned through lockdown. Those of you who are regular to this blog will know that before lockdown started I … Continue reading Lockdown Lessons #2

Lessons in Lockdown

This morning, I attended a writing workshop, online of course but thankfully out in my patch of grass beside my front window. The theme was set around summer solstice and our thoughts and wellbeing with regard to lockdown. I had no expectations for this class other than to grow my writing portfolio, and fill my morning doing something I love. It was great to see … Continue reading Lessons in Lockdown

Elvis has entered the building

I don’t remember the name of the boy who played Pharaoh in our school play, I just remember him singing into one of those 90’s echophones that everyone had, and being told off for turning around from our ‘choir’ area to watch him sing. I don’t remember his name, but I remember the whole song & scene as if I were watching it now. Pulling … Continue reading Elvis has entered the building