A Girl for All Seasons

Through no fault of my own, I found myself signing up for a 30-day trial with NETFLIX last week! I wasn’t planning on using it other than for the fact I was with a friend for our regular PLL night and she couldn’t sign into her account. Intrigue, however, got the best of me. With…

4 ways to find hope as the childless friend

What happens when all your friends seem to have moved onto ‘Happy Families’ and you are still playing ‘Go Fish!’?   In keeping with my thoughts about seasons. I wrote a little something for The Rising Blog, You can read it here Part two of Defining Your Season will be up on Sunday  


  It is meant to be Spring here in the UK. Yet although the sun shone beautifully all day, I have returned home rain, cold, and scouring for cheap flights out of here!! Seasons have always interested me. I love each of them for different reasons, though there are also parts of every season I dislike….


Humanity has an endless pursuit, a search for answers to questions: who am I, why am I here, do I have a purpose, do I belong, do I matter? We want to feel that we belong, yet we feel often as if we don’t. We compare ourselves to others, we try and be the same, so we fit. So we belong

All Change

I am not very good at making decisions. Just to let you know, the name of my blog is going to change next week. Yet what I usually find, is I return often to my first thought. I just needed to explore all the other avenue to make sure! The name of my blog is…


What have you loved in April?

A little window into my life and my loves!


Spring is definitely here; the air is full of the smell of cut grass, blossom, and BBQ – it’s wonderful. This morning I set off for a gorgeous walk into town armed with a journal, pen and my new book on a quest for Coffee, Sunshine and New Ideas. Change of seasons always bring a new…


The March Hare has taken over! This is one of my favourite months because it contains the celebration of my birth! Well done baby Lou – for once you were not later – you were early and girl you made an entrance! Tuesday’s child is full of grace, and this has been a month where grace…


Going Back to Where I Started Recently I have had a phase of forgetting where I have put my hairbrush. Honestly, you’d think it wasn’t too difficult to remember but it keeps happening! Nearly always I find myself going back to where I started looking and find it as if it had never been out…


It seems that slightly sceptically and with a tiny wobble, I have jumped onto the bandwagon that is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”! All this came at a time, where I felt I needed a good audit of myself. I found like my possessions I was able to ask myself – does this belief or life event spark joy in me anymore?

The Unstoppable Church

I was asked to speak on acts 17:10-15 at Beacon Church, Herne Bay. If you would like to hear it you can click here