Welcome to Blue Monday I’ve seen a lot today about the dreaded Blue Monday. Contrary to common belief, Blue Monday is not a particularly scientific formulation. It is, I believe, a very clever marketing technique that has created a life of its own and perhaps even become a self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t get me wring, all the ideas that add to it make sense. It … Continue reading Blue

Hopes & Fears

This evening, I shall be starting my present wrapping! I love this part of Christmas, remembering what I bought and disguising it with brown paper and ribbon. Earlier today I published a post for my work youth devotional blog on the subject of advent and waiting with hope. Which leads me to my thoughts today remembering of a recent occurrence that strengthened hope in me. … Continue reading Hopes & Fears


She stands, waiting for dinner to cook. Waiting for the kettle to boil. Usually she’d scroll, but slowly your calling her heart to meditate on better things. Twice today, no three times, you have spoken to her about peace. Four if you count the song aswell. She’ll count the song aswell. Four times you have laid the word upon her heart, reminding her that in … Continue reading Peace