Happy New Year 2014

A couple of days ago, I read through my 2013 diary. As I started to read the dreams and goals I set myself I was disheartened, believing them to have been made in vain and not to be anywhere near the attainment of them. But I began the journey through the months and patterns, and rhythms and themes appeared sparking the realisation that all that had been wrong was that I had joined the dots in the wrong way. There were, of course, dreams that were not realised, hopes deferred and goals missed, but the picture left by the dots now on their last few joints was beautiful and purposeful and right. Instead of berating my head for not keeping focused on the goals, I felt a peace that when I wrote them, my soul heard correctly and my heart had followed the course written for it. There are things I would change, lessons I would have rather learnt sooner, but then, where’s the adventure in that! And perhaps, in the end, all will become clear, or it will matter no more.

In a place at peace, I was able to write a vision for this year without feeling the guilt and shame of not hitting last year’s targets! I guess one might call it writing from grace. I began to build on what had been gifted to me last year, the revelation that I had gained from reading through the year enlightened my heart and inspired me for where I might journey over the next 12 months. This platform I hope will be a help to me, an accountability to myself and whoever reads it, a summary of the adventure, an investigation into living with purpose and living from grace.

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