48 hours left [NYC 8]

this morning i walked from LES to E 48th on 5th, sans camera.

i shopped for gifts, and i entered the confusion that is a sample sale.

i wore a matthew williamson dress

i put it back

i am now drinking (finally) a good coffee in a surf coffee house up from our apartment: Lost Weekend in NYC

it’s not quite the day i planned, but then I’m not sure what i planned!


as i said in a previous blog this week, i struggled with the ‘selfie’ taking at the 9/11 memorial. there are places for appropriateness and decorum, this was one of them. i wanted to turn off my camera today and just experience the moment, rather than making sure the filter makes it look better than it even does.

the sample sale today was certainly an experience. it was a Kooples runway sale, i went in because there were actually clothes my size and i thought i’ll never get to wear that normally. the thing that surprised me was the state of the clothes. I realise now why they are discounted, but i had to question why anyone would wear them. maybe its a place where every now and then you can find a bargain but most of the clothing looked as if it had not just gone down the runway but through a hedge backwards too. people buy for the label, the fact the can say they wore or are wearing it. the lens they live through is that the name is important, not the state of clothing.

i didn’t enjoy walking up 5th Ave, in fact, I’ve not really enjoyed central Manhattan much at all. you can’t really ‘enjoy’ it, well I can’t. I guess it’s not the lens i live through

so now, i’m sat in this coffee shop. it is pretty chilled, my kind of place, maybe a bit hipster but the coffee is good, the music is jurrasic5 – esq and there are surf videos playing on the wall. the lens may be hipster or surf but its suits me fine, and I don’t feel I shouldn’t be here.

it’s a place i can think. and i’m thinking, what lens do i live through?

the one shop i have loved being in is Sephora, and the one eatery i have loved is Fresh & Co. what do those choices say about the lens I live through?

while i was waiting for Jojo at Coney Island, there was this guy on the bench next to me having a conversation with another man (i say he was having the conversation as i never actually heard the other man speak). in it he said “heaven is our home” maybe that’s the lens i need to live through


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