We realised on our last day, we had made no plans but had a good 8 hours to fill before heading to JFK. Both Jo and I had wanted to go to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and had not made it. So we thought we these few hours to spare we would have a walk around. Unfortunately, Spring has not completely sprung at BBG and the promised cherry blossom had not arrived. It made me think about the seasons we go through, how right now I knew in England, in my lovely Faversham, the cherry blossom would be everywhere, but for Brooklyn, that season was still on the way.

Sometimes its hard, when you see other people, other places have the season you want to be in, it’s painful, it confusing, but seasons will come and seasons will go.

As I walked around I marvelled at how different plants are, how they need different soils to grow in, temperatures to survive in. How each plant is uniquely beautiful yet different. How some are in bloom and some waiting to bloom. Some will always just hold a leaf. Yet there is detail, design, and difference in them all. So often I look to compare myself to other ‘plants’, why not just be the best plant I can be and trust the environment I am planted in is best for me…

 the truth is, I am so secure and safe where I am right now. I just don’t always see it.

BBG was smaller than we thought so we headed back to LES. Then in a sudden momentary thought, Jo said “we could get off and walk the bridge. Again this is something we hadn’t thought we’d had time for, but know time had been made. We got off a high street, got very confused by the roadworks which blocked the bridges entrance(!) and finally made it onto the bridge. The view is breathtaking and it great weather for it, nice and atmospheric! Half way across, I made a comment about the fact I’d assumed to have seen padlocks on the bridge where people had proposed. From that moment on, I saw loads. Sometimes when we are so taken in by the grand view, we miss the small. Other times, we are so distracted by the small, we miss the grand.

This journey I am on, it will have seasons, it will have grand views, windy days, miserable days and days with blazing hot sunshine. It will have times where the small and the detailed matter, it will have days when I feel in control and others when I am not

But I choose to grow

I choose to journey

24 hours earlier, we were not expecting to see two of the things we desired, we had lost hope, thought we were out of time. Yet 24 hours later everything had changed. 

so I choose to embrace the unexpected

I choose to believe for what has been promised

I choose to enjoy the journey 



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