My assembly from Archbishops’ School on Friday, it was a bit different but this is the basis:

I have a confession, spent a lot of my time both in work and out of work on social media; and I’ve noticed this phrase #lifegoals. So found my list of life goals: the things want to achieve, places want to go, the kind of person want to be and here are some:

  • Eat dinner in a treehouse,
  • own a house with a garden,
  • visit Seattle,
  • own a café/bar/cake eatery,
  • be known as being kind
  • and wise
  • and having a love for people…

I began to look through this list and review it – what had I achieved so far, what wasn’t important anymore, what needed to be added, which ones could I aim to achieve this year.

While I was reviewing asked myself- why were so many left undone? It reminded me of a story about a group of people. This group of people #HadOneJob, one goal, to move from Eygpt to the Promised Land, they made plans, they began to walk the journey of around 400 miles. Yet even with the walking, the livestock, and the vast number they were; the journey should not have taken the 40 years that it did. What’s more most of the people in this tribe never got to the Promised Land, never reached their goal.

What are your life goals?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to achieve?

Have you already ticked off some of your goals?

What is it that keeps us from achieving our goals?

In most cases it’s one of these: #fear #freedom #focus and it’s this last point that we are thinking about today; as that’s the one we have control over. Because the truth is, if want to achieve a goal, need to focus on how to get there.

There’s this guy Alan Lakein he wrote a book about Time Management that has sold over 3 million copies; he says this



To help me explain this principle, thought I’d end this year on a familiar theme!

Imagine my one of my goals was to own a cake shop: the future is the cake, so let’s bring it into our present. I need to set priorities and plans!

[maybe I need to begin by learning to make cakes.]

Now I know what some of you may be thinking (#YOLO); why waste your time making plans, just go with the flow, just enjoy life, enough of the plans;

but you know… I’ve tried that and you end up running out to the shops half way through, probably more than once, with a messy kitchen, and often no cake. And anyway if you really do only live once, why not master your time, rather than it master you – don’t be wasting your life running after never made plans.

The Israelites made a plan to get to the Promised Land. I need to plan: get my ingredients, the tools – even find a kitchen maybe! You need a plan. So plan well, be creative with it for sure, make most of them realistic but then dream a little. So we’ve got our plan…

…But a plan without action is just a group of people dreaming, a committee meeting, a kitchen with bowls of food. A cake is nothing without action. So we need to make it. So don’t just write down your goals, take action

Finally, a cake is not a cake until it is eaten. To know if something is on track with your goal, you need to review it. This was one of the problems with Israel, they didn’t go back and review what God had said, what he promised them, how they should act. And so they got stuck and became grumbling people with a dream and no reality. Back to the cake, to review it, guess I’d have to get someone to eat it… In the beginning, Lou created Cakes… and Lou said let there be cake and there was cake and she saw that it was good, so she decided to share it…

of course, have not done this, my goal still remains a dream.  If I’m going to succeed need to


The most successful people follow this route; we just often don’t see it as it happens


The most creative people do it: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…and God said, ‘Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that it was good.

Dreams and goals don’t have to be grand. Today want to share one of mine that you can all have a go at and would ask that you would let it become one of yours.

The goal is this: To change the world. Let’s keep it simple: so make a plan of how you can to brighten someone’s life every single day. Sometimes, of course, it will be unplanned but often we need to plan these things.

Then we need to actually do it, and each day review, how have a brightened a life today…and promise you, you will start seeing results.

Let’s pray:

Father would you bless these pupils before me, would you give them focus. Would you help them dream big and achieve big? Would any fear holding them back be loosed and freedom be released in them? Would they be a people who brighten up lives Would they have an awesome summer (and God, one day could I own an awesome cake shop!)


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