Ode to Loss

Grief is weird, it sneaks up on you and covers everything with a veil.

You can still see, just it’s filtered, fuzzy, not quite right

because the veil is there and you can see through it, but not past it

and after a while,

maybe it’s that your eyes adjust and you see more clearly though the veil is there

or maybe after a while it pulls up, you just didn’t notice when and where it happens

then occasionally you see something, hear something, think of something

and it’s like a box is opened, and emotion you forgot was there is somehow in front of you

and you have to decide what to do with it

it’s not like the pain goes away, it just becomes more selective with its timing

it doesn’t tell me when its timing is though

it’s sneaky like that

but Grief isn’t bad,

Grief just wants to remind you of what matters, who matters and how they matter

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