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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I am passionate about, what I love and value. It seems to be the buzzwords of the moment! As I began to list what I am passionate about I realised that it falls into these three categories:


why not make a list today of the things you are passionate about, do yours fit into categories? What does this tell you about your values and personality? If you do I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



One of my closest friends comes to life when she’s given a creative project. I love how she looks at the world, how she see’s things I don’t see until she captures the moment on film. I love how she encourages me with my Blue Peter type projects! I love how she helps me and others release creativity. She is awesome and I want to emulate this creative encouragement in how I am with people. I am passionate that everyone knows they have the ability to create. I am passionate at people being given the opportunity to be creative without restrictions of success but rather for wellbeing.

I am not artistic, but I am able to create. I believe this is true for everyone.  Three ways I create are:


…well in general just food! I’m really interested in how food, emotions and well-being fit together. I also love creating new dinners! This shows up in the people I follow and the pictures I post, the books I read. I like people who eat my cakes, who invite me for dinner,  and who take up the return invite!

Music || Dance
My friends at school used to get bored of me talking about music, but honestly, I couldn’t live without it. I love music and dance.  I love releasing my emotions through music, I love feeling great after a good dance! I love writing songs, singing badly and sometimes well(!). Take me to see a musical or a dance show and I will be your friend forever*! I love pulling different types of music together to create something awesome like the Ibiza Proms in the Albert Hall. I love how music can move you. It’s my passion, so if you don’t know what to talk about with me, try this topic!

When I was about 8 or 9 my cousin introduced me to the world of writing stories. I love stories; reading them, writing them, telling them. I love how we can express an idea with them, how we can learn from them, how we make community through them.

What’s your story, I’d love to hear it!


I love people, hearing their stories and connecting them to others. I think seeing people released into their dreams and expanding their potential is awesome. Part of who I am is about releasing people to work out who they are, why they are here and what gifts they have to fulfil their purpose. I love friendships and watching how people interact. I love going to war against the niggles and hindrances that keep us from developing deep and wonderful friendships and networks. I love it when people overcome the

I love friendships and watching how people interact. I love going to war against the niggles and hindrances that keep us from developing deep and wonderful friendships and networks. I love it when people overcome the odds when people battle insecurity and win. I love freedom, I love laughter, and I love it especially if a good coffee is involved! Right now I find my passion for relationships working in these two areas:

I moved to Faversham September 2008 to be part of Faversham Community Church. A key value I have grown up with is to love my locality, seek its providence, and to benefit my community.  I try to stay local as much as I can. I love my town and I want to see it prosper. I want to presence myself in my town, persevere and be patient with it, pray for it and pursue its providence. There are lots of things to love about Faversham, here’s just one of them!

This delicious cake was eaten The Yard which is 100% my favourite place to be in town. It’s a beautiful local venue, with equally beautiful staff and amazing food. What I love about it is it combines and celebrates so many of my values: cake, community, music, simplicity, Faversham and creativity

Young People
I have a special portion of grace for young people. I have passions and dreams for all people but it’s something more when I start talking about UK Youth. My motivation is to equip young people understanding themselves, to encourage and empower them to take courageous risks. I want young people to know that God is good and faithful. I church I want to see young people with there own faith, growing and maturing, rooted and fruitful.

This is not an area as such, but more a way in which I want my life to be lived and my relationships to be formed. I was 21 when I experienced grace not just through Jesus but through the church itself. Before that point, it just seemed head knowledge to me. After that point I was changed. Grace is more that a word, it is a transforming energy. Grace is generosity poured out, it is honesty, it fights shame and defeats fear. It is beautiful as it flows from the Father and it is world changing when we live both in it and through it. I love seeing grace in action; I want to be characterised by it. Grace in action brings me to my final passion…


In our western mentality we like to believe we are free. I believe instead that we live most of our life bound by fear, guilt and shame. These things opress and defeat us on a daily basis, they cripple our potential and chrarcterise our responses and relationships. I am passionate about living free from these things, and in turn seeing others released through…

I’m one of those people who liked school, who likes learning. The area I particularly loved was emotional understanding and psychology. It is still something that I love, it drives me and I love creating ways for people to understand it too. I feel that I was very privileged to have an amazing free education (1989-1992 at the awesome Highdown Junior School, Portishead || 1993 intake at Gordano Seconday School, Portishead || University of Kent 2001-2004) where I was encouraged, strengthened and released. I am passionate for every child to have those opportunities. I am thankful for the education system we have, but I believe there is a reform that could improve it significantly. My particular thoughts are in how we teach young people welbeing and emotional literacy through a holistic school model, not just as a lesson.

I really do want to live a simple life. I am not a details person really, I struggle with them and end up waffling. So simplicity is easier, I don’t want loads of things, I don’t enter into playing games, I don’t want hundreds of friends: just the simple life for me; the simple life that gets things done, is transforming in me and changes lives. I believe freedom is found, not in stuff, not in control, not in numbers but in the simple.

These are my passions (2015)

*take me to Britains Got Talent or Xfactor and we may never speak again

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