The first time I met you,
I was with my mum.
We needed time to reconnect,
You helped us do that.
Neither of us completely understood you,
but we loved you.
You were fun
We made memories.

I met you again a few years later in springtime,
I introduced you to a friend.
You were beautiful, you are always beautiful
Every morning we awoke
to freshly baked bread
You were so good to us
We loved you
You were fun
We made memories.

It was a long time until we met again.
I forgot how you made me feel,
how you made me smile.
Some of my friends met you,
but each time
I wasn’t able to be there.
Sometimes I dreamt of you
but I could not get to you,
and you couldn’t come to me.
I just had memories

Then a chance encounter
I found myself with you again.
I had to trust you again
and you were amazing.

It was a difficult time in my life
You relaxed and restored me.
You took my hand
You led me on early morning
and late evening walks,
you introduced me to new people,
they were so gracious to me.
I loved you,
I had fun,
We made memories.

And now you are hurting,
Yet in the midst of all this
chaos pain and confusion
I know your heart will still beat
and your song will be sung
Memories will again be made
And you will be loved

because you are Paris:
the city of love
The creative community
The courageous ones.

You are loved
And you shall overcome

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