7. Digital Detox

This last week has been a rollercoaster of thoughts

It started I think because I realised how close I am coming to the end of this sabbatical.

  • Take a pre-holiday blues,
  • with an acknowledgement of how grateful I have been for being given time off.
  • Stir in a thought of underachievement,
  • a disappointing but money-saving shopping trip,
  • lots of paint and even more singing.
  • Garnish with a couple of pints (including a revisit to drinking stout)

and you have something near my heart and soul!

I began to make time for indulgence and calm


A few weeks ago, my windscreen was damaged. It meant that for about an hour I had to drive without my rear view mirror in place. It was only then that I realised how often I look in the rear view mirror! I kept checking and it wasn’t there. Sometimes it’s only when things are removed from us that we realise how preoccupied we can be with them.

My friend Karen over at www.loveyourcamera.co.uk has written about taking time away from her phone whilst on holiday. It’s something I’ve been thinking about as I see how easily I can become preoccupied with social media and feeling connection with people. For this last week, I’m breaking the windscreen. Shutting it all down, to focus on the things that really matter. The little things that are in fact the important things.

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