8 ways to a stress-free holiday

When it comes to going away, the one thing I hate is feeling anxious and flustered by airport rigmarole. This year I felt hyper aware of this as I began to plan to fly over to Paphos by myself for a friends wedding! I had booked myself an early flight, eager to soak in as much sunshine as possible but this was worrying me. I am not exactly a morning person! My mind circled around my two summer themes: rest and becoming fearless and as it landed, the two entwined themselves and came up with a marvellous plan!

How to survive an airport

  1. Book a car park space with JustPark. I parked on a drive in Horley, got a lift to the airport. On the way home, it cost me £5 for a local taxi to reunite me with my car. I paid £26 for 5 nights – far cheaper than anything the airport offers.
  2. Book the Bloc Hotel Gatwick. This was recommended to me by a friend. It meant I could arrive the night before, have a good nights sleep and pop down in the lift to check-ins at 4 am. No fluster, just good sleep!
  3. Download Films to an iPad! This proved an easy way to pass the time when my eyes weren’t quite ready for reading! I knew that if I became idle I would start ‘boredom buying’ in the airport –  which I didn’t need or want to do.
  4. Get some books on your kindle like this one to read instead of shopping for more!
  5. Have a one shot espresso coffee – two is way too many for before breakfast and before 6am! – oh and unlike me remember to take it from the barista rather than pay and walk away without it!
  6. Go as soon as the gate opens this also stopped me shopping and I knew I’d have enough time to walk without anxiety.
  7. Talk to the people next to you, when you sit down. This makes it less awkward when you need to ask them to move if you need the ladies! You can usually tell if they are up for chatting (which the family I was next two were) or if they want to be left alone – (my return family!)
  8. Be Beach Ready. Pack beachwear and small sunscreen in hand luggage – so you are ready for the sunshine!

I booked via Love Holidays and flew with Monach which all went incredibly smoothly. When I arrived in Paphos I was given a private taxi rather than group bus, which meant I was at my hotel 20 minutes later!

Arrive here, have your luggage taken off your hands, find a sunbed and relax


So what do you do, to survive the airport?

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