On the third day of Christmas, my body gave to me… earache! Yuck yuck yuck! So I’ve had a day on the sofa, watching films, head on a hot water bottle, hitting the ibuprofen!  I really don’t want this to be something I take into 2017!

Over the next few days, I will embark of my annual tradition of looking through my yearly journal, the highs and the lows, the regular themes. I take time out, wifi off, coffee on(!) to reflect, gather, pray and to look to next year.

What am I going to take into 2017? What I am gong to leave behind?

Throughout the year, without even looking at my writing, I know God has worked themes out through the pen, the keyboard, my prayers and conversations.

Here are four of those topics. Two I want to take into 2017, two to leave:

I find it so easy to complain, have a good old moan or rant. So much so that I often miss how grateful I should be for all I have and see. I want to build more into the attitude of gratitude because I believe there is a wellbeing blessing there. It changes how you perceive life.


I hurry a lot, I miss opportunities to be kind. If my life was marked by only a few words, I would want kindness to be one of them, so I need to make a plan! Hearing all the reports today of the late George Michael’s secret acts of generosity and kindness to others has been an inspiration to me. I will take kindness into 2017


Like all of us, there are hopes and dreams I carry that are part of my heartbeat,  my motivation. It’s difficult when I see others have what I want. I need to learn it is just a distraction. Yes I can ask for these things, yes I can work towards them but I also am to live trusting that the season I am in is right for me and that growth and blessing can occur here. Jealousy is destructive. In 2017 I want to build up and encourage, so I leave jealousy in 2016.


If you’ve read this blog for long enough you know, this is my passion! That people would fear less and that love and trust would empower people. Again I choose to lay down fear in 2017 and instead look to the one who is always ready to pour out love, courage and grace on my life.

What will you leave in 2016?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I will leave behind negativity and fake friends!
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

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