ARROW • PEN • COFFEE • FRIEND [what I’m all about]

Spring is definitely here; the air is full of the smell of cut grass, blossom, and BBQ – it’s wonderful. This morning I set off for a gorgeous walk into town armed with a journal, pen and my new book on a quest for Coffee, Sunshine and New Ideas.

Change of seasons always bring a new aesthetic to Instagram, we move from hot chocolates and fireplaces to blossom and greenery. New seasons bring new perspectives. In last week’s post, I said there was a second motivation for the current series, which is the identity and purpose for this blog.

A New Season

This was birthed last summer. It is 9 months later and I feel that what is inside me needs to somehow be birthed (apologies for the imagery!)

Nine Months Earlier

So what happened nine months ago? God, through people who know him, spoke his heart to me, and much of it was personal, much of it confirmation but some of it was new and that new planted itself and stayed underground for a long time.

Truth is, one of the other words given to me, made sense for that moment and so the others – I just didn’t think about, yet every now and then I returned to them. One particular word just seemed like confirmation of a skill rather than what it was – a seed of something new. The word was about my wiring, even as I listen back now to the recording of it, I feel the pushing of the seed just below the surface, “I’m nearly ready”

Arrow, pen, Coffee, Friend

Four distinct words which were spoken, to sum up how I use words both to speak and to write. They are the foundations of an identity for this blog, the heartbeat, the core. What I realise now is I’ve spent months, thinking about this new season, but never feeling it was time, just that I was in some sort of process.

Like a new mother, I want to take time out, get to know what I am holding on to now – decide on its name.

I find God often does in the physical what he wants to also do in the spiritual. For me, that has been that I am actually moving into a new season of my life. I have been given something I was not expecting. Like when you plant seeds and suddenly alongside what you’ve planted, something else springs up. A seed which has taken longer to germinate, something of old that you had given up on. But I feel like a mother with a baby, I don’t know what to do – I’m learning on the job!

Time Out

This leaves me needing to take some time out, both for the unexpected and the expected new. It will only be a month and I will be working on the blog, but more behind the scenes so you might see a few changes. I will be thinking about its identity and purpose so I would love to hear from those who read my blog

Why do you read this, what do you enjoy about it? – I will see you at the end of April!


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