20170517_184633It is meant to be Spring here in the UK. Yet although the sun shone beautifully all day, I have returned home rain, cold, and scouring for cheap flights out of here!!

Seasons have always interested me. I love each of them for different reasons, though there are also parts of every season I dislike.

Seasons don’t happen overnight, there is a transition from one to the next. I love seeing the signs, the next season is on its way! The colours begin to change, the temperature moves.

Seasons aren’t just external, we find them in our lives too.

Recently I have found myself thinking a lot about how life is seasonal and how we should look for the signs of the seasons we are in. Lately, in a couple of areas of my life, I have seen a transition. I am in a new season, where I am blooming and bearing fruit. In other areas, I feel like the leaves are falling.

This year my word was FOCUS. Yet I have a mind which works against this. I am learning to love the way my mind works and have been made aware of how purposeful it’s ways are. My brain generates ideas constantly, it looks for patterns, it joins up networks. This happens with people, events, plans, ideas; and it happens with my personal life. I have 1000 ideas and I want to do them all right now!

I am starting to learn how to focus on what is for now, what is for this season, and I am finding joy and peace here. For what is to come there is hope and faith as I step daily into my purposeful life.

Expectations vs Reality


This doesn’t, of course, mean I do this every day! I’m learning it not living it – yet. One day I was having an intense struggle with overwhelm. I couldn’t think because too much thinking was thinking! I remembered about this word focus. I began to pray and ask what signs am I seeing of growth. As I did this I drew up a planner.

I have since converted the hand drawn scrawl into a worksheet which you can download here

What has been planted?

Like me, you may have skills and giftings, hopes and dreams that you have planted deep in your heart. Maybe you have had prophetic words from other people, maybe it is just a deep longing in your heart. I made a list of all the things I was thinking about, all my ideas and all my dreams. All the hopes and longings.

Looking at the realised these had all been planted in my heart. Yet even with a quick glance, I began to see a pattern. I highlighted all those which I had not yet seen any sign of life for. These were the unseen.


What has broken through?

The next way I looked at my list was to ask myself, where had I seen glimpses of life – opportunities start to break through. ‘There is a conversation I was having with one friend about a book idea’, a glimpse of something breaking through to the seen but not much else. A sign of a new season ahead. In these moments we can sometimes get way too excited and then feel disheartened when nothing more seems to happen, or at least there is no sudden burst of fruit! Equally, we can miss these moments and not give those gifts, talents and dreams the care they may require.

What is growing?

I’ve never been green-fingered but having my own house now I decided to try having a few shrubs. Together with a friend, I planted a strawberry hanger, a pineapple mint and two lavender pots. People warned me about the mint – but not about the lavender! This was a week ago…


…and it’s grown even more since. I need to find a bigger pot!

This stage can be both exciting and hard work – but persevere. You may need more support, you will need care and attention. In this stage, I had written “singing”. Over two years ago a seed was planted. The then worship team leader asked me if I ever had thought about singing in the team. I had, it was a long unseen seed; one I had given up on. We didn’t say much more, both knowing it was not the right timing.

Then situations changed and I saw a glimpse, something new was breaking through and my heart was giving it attention. I joined the team, I joined a choir and spent a year seeing the ‘skill’ grow. I had to learn, I had to water my skill, I had to endure the weather.

Where is there blossom?


My strawberry plant finally has a flower! Of course, as soon as I noticed it, I took pictures. Instagram goes wild at the first signs of spring, there’s blossom and sun flares everywhere! Last month (on a day that actually represented the spring I know and love) I went on a photography walk and behold this was our first sight!20170427_102427

Where are you noticing that there is blossom in your life? Often it is the gifts, skills, ideas that other people are beginning to notice in you too. This is a season of wonder and of capturing first stories of your gifts and skills making a difference. Take photo’s, enjoy but remember there is more…

For me, the last season has felt like this for my singing, my speaking and my workplace. For one, I am seeing the signs of transition to the next phase…

and that is where I am leaving you this week! Have a look over the worksheet and let me know in the comments what you feel is blossoming in your life right now!

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