A Girl for All Seasons

Through no fault of my own, I found myself signing up for a 30-day trial with NETFLIX last week! I wasn’t planning on using it other than for the fact I was with a friend for our regular PLL night and she couldn’t sign into her account.

Intrigue, however, got the best of me. With the App downloaded, I had a gander and there calling to the procrastinating university student of seasons past was Gossip Girl! This afternoon I began season 2 (yep so that’s one season in less than a week – but I did have two train journeys to fill!) and season 2 begins, as summertime ends.

…but everyone can agree on one thing: Tans fade, highlights grow dark and we all get sick of sand in our shoes. but the end of summer is the beginning of a new season. So we find ourselves looking to the future. You ain’t seen nothing yet

Last week we began looking at our skills, hopes and dreams through the lens of seasonal change. If you haven’t already it would be helpful for you to download this Free Worksheet and read part one: Defining Your Season. I left you thinking about the blossom of spring, this week we look at the last two seasons, remind ourselves that every season has its beauty and its tension!

Bloomin’ Marvelous

Where are you most confident at the moment, where are you blooming? Last time I wrote about singing, my speaking and my workplace. In each of these areas, change is or was near. In particular, I began to feel my speaking was blooming. How do I know – because people were passing on my name to others as someone to speak and I get opportunities given to me. My feedback is generally positive and I feel confident in it. This isn’t’ me boasting – this is me looking at skills and being honest with where they are at. I long to grow more in this area, and I never take it lightly, continuing to tender and care for it. I see that it is a tree, not just blossoming but in bloom.

Where are you blooming?


This are is the place where maybe you are leading or at the least people come to you to learn, or ask for your opinion. This is the are where sometimes you need another person to tell you; “you are in bloom here”. For me, this was what happened with our church music team. I had only been involved for a year. I was not expecting anything. It took someone else to say; “we think you should lead”. This is a place to bloom.

Yet leading comes with responsibility, pruning and blooming is not the end of the cycle…


Where is there ending?

Making a decision on whether or not to take a lead was difficult for me. I was scared. Which is probably a whole other post! One thing I found helpful was to look back over my journal. What I saw looking at the fuller picture, was God growing my heart for our team and growing my skills for the task set.  Yet what I also saw was God gradually helping me loosing my hold on other areas of my life. There have been several times in my life where I have seen this to be true. The last time I recalled was moving to Faversham, God began to remove responsibilities from me. I had handed over the youth group to another team, stepped out of my role at Kidz Klub, had house rent after house rent fall through. Eventually, I embraced it as ‘transition’, it gave me hope to look to the future. It is important to notice change and to allow the transition to happen.

Is there anywhere you feel you are able to hand over responsibility? Maybe it’s your season for change?

You only have to look at Instagram to know there is as much beauty in autumn as there is in spring  tweet this

Where is there planting?

It is not the end. As Autumn falls, seeds are planted. Your role now may be to plant into others and see the joy of their skills and dreams spring up. Letting go is difficult, seeing others do well (even better than you) is also difficult. It is about accepting the season you are in. Autumn is beautiful and if we can work through this area well, we too will see beauty in it!

Right now I am wondering if something is in ‘change’ for me. I have held on to it for a long time. I feel unsettled; what could it mean to let go of it. Yet I can trust, that I can let go and see something new planted, something new spring up and something new bloom!

You will not be left to wither, something new will grow up around you to; that I can guarantee.

the end of summer is the beginning of a new season. Look the future. You ain’t seen nothing yet – xoxo


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