be kind

“But remember, boy, that a kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword.” (1)On a late, cold and wet evening last month, I closed the boot of my car, maybe a little more forcefully that needed, and the licence plate fell to the ground. This would have been fine if I hadn’t got an early start next morning.

Thankfully as I pulled into my garage unannounced first thing the next morning they quickly screwed it in for me. When I went to pay, they charged me gratis.

Kindness: it made me want to tell the story, it made me want to use them again.

Later on, I had a hygienist appointment. I wouldn’t say I’m scared of the dentist but I have had a few negative experiences. As I sat in the waiting room, catching up with Loose Women (on itv), I pondered on what brought me back to this place every time.

Kindness: from the front of house staff to the dentist wielding what appears to be a screwdriver into my mouth; they emit kindness.

Kindness: it matters, it draws me back to them, it makes me want to tell their story.

Last week, in my workplace, I was talking to a group of pre-teens about what differences we would see if we were kind to ourselves, our community, our world. One told me;

“it would be everything, if everyone did it then we’d not do the things to each other that lead to wars.”

Maybe it seems idealistic, but it makes me want to start a revolution!

I used to think kindness was a weakness. The mean girls at school won popularity or so it seemed. Maybe people just didn’t want to be picked out by them, so then allied with them.

I think that’s what I did.
I wanted to be mean,
for a time I succeeded,
yet it didn’t make me happy.

I thought it would keep me from hurt, but in fact, it stabbed me in the back. Now I see, being mean is for the weak. Actual beauty and strength, is to stand out from the thorns.


The same day as the garage and the hygienist a young boy passed me on a bike, going through the subway. You are meant to dismount, but sometimes I think that causes more faff than carefully cycling through – which he was doing. When I came to the other side, I heard a raised voice berating the child. As I walked on I could hear what started as a reprove, becoming unkind. Faced with this enmity, the boy’s whole demeanour changed, he went from being a young boy to a hard-faced scowling force to be reckoned with. Then the words tumbled out, unkind, mean and cruel. It came from a place of insecurity trying to cling on to something, anything for survival. What both needed was kindness, but I walked away.

Kindness is not only for those which it is easy to be kind to

In the U.K. We’ve just had an election. It bothers me more and more that what I see is not healthy disagreements or debates but unkindness. I myself get embroiled in it. This country I need to start a revolution in me and pray that the fire spreads –  I see it in others and they are my inspiration, they set a fire in me! I see it in God, for it is his kindness that changes hearts. I see it in how Jesus was on earth and I see that His spirit longs to grow kindness in me.

It’s time to be brave, it’s time to choose kindness!  – tweet this

Who is with me? 

I’m on a mission to bring kindness back to my life! To actively look for ways to be and show kindness. To soften hearts, to make people smile again. To do all this, as much as possible without reward, other than, it makes me feel more positive about life! In the 90s there was a big drive for Random Acts of Kindness. Whilst that was great, I found it became a game one-upmanship – hold my phone while I Instagram my random act of kindness! My kindness is better than yours. This is a revolution; we are going underground! If anything I shall report my learning! I’m willing to strive for this, I truly believe it makes a difference.

However in my search to be actively kind I have set up a Pinterest board and I found this awesome website: 12 steps to kindness. If you’re with me on this revolution maybe they will give some tips! Feel free to take a copy of this TWELVE KINDS to remind you!


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