How to get out of a mind funk 

Today it rained, its been sunny for days … and now this…

And to be honest all I wasn’t to do is stay in bed and pretend today is not happening

but I have a job, I have friends to see. Staying in bed is not the answer.

Emotionally we can have days like this. Everything is going really well, everything is happy, life is good and then suddenly you wake up and thing feeling gloomy and grey and sad. And it sucks because we seem to have this eternal desire for happiness and we think that is found in every day being happy…

What can we do when its not, what do we do when all we want to do is stay in bed?

We do the same as the rainy days. We put on some boots
grab an umbrella and walk in the rain!

Having an bad day, a sad day doesn’t mean we will never have another sunny day.* Sometimes its ok to stay in bed and have a duvet day, because that does us good. Other days we will need to strap on our boots, grab our coat and start to sing!

In secondary schools we run a course called GLOW and one of activities we do is ask the girls to write on an umbrella things they can do in preparation for, or when they find themselves in a rainy day. Here is some of there thoughts:

having my best friend on Skype/speed dial

making a playlist of my favorite songs on spotify/YouTube


writing things down

talking to a mentor/social worker/trusted adult

going for a run

being with my pets


baking a cake

shouting at the sea/throwing stones into the sea

feeding the ducks…

why don’t you make a list of some of the things you could do to help you get through a rainy day.

“The rain will make the flowers grow” 

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