Treasuring Words

I am aware, for some, this post will not make much sense. It is probably the most vulnerable one for a while and the most blatant about my faith. I would love you to peruse anyway, but if not, it’s ok a favourites post is on its way later in the week!

As a child, my Dad worked for Sealink. This meant He was away a lot. Yet, my biggest memory of him being away was the joy of the postcard he would regularly send. One of my main memories of my first house was a door covered in these postcards. My father found ways to connect, to communicate through the written word.


At 35 my dad and I communicate in a variety of ways; speaking face to face, being in each others presence, communicating by text or phone – even the occasional postcard still arrives!  There is another way we communicate and that is through other people. Occasionally, his wife will reply on behalf of him. I have even met strangers who know me because they know him. The same happens with my heavenly Father sometimes people who don’t know me but do know him, speak something of His words (or as I like to say heart) to me. we call this ‘prophetic’ or ‘words of knowledge’.


A year ago, I was at a leadership conference run by Relational Mission the family of churches I belong to. During this time I went to a seminar this happened. I have toyed with writing about this specific event for a while but pushed it aside. Yet as someone with some prophetic gifting and who thrives on feedback for growth; I know how encouraged I am when people tell me of how God has grown the seed of a prophetic word in their life. The words given to me in this seminar, I have treasured, bringing them back to my Father, seeking him for evidence of their growth.

Last week I received an email encouraging me to share any stories from this seminar. This happened only a few hours after I had the revelation that some of the words were bearing fruit in my life. This has given me the impetus to share my story and because this blog is part of it, it felt the appropriate platform by which to share.


All the words shared were significant to me, some shaped, some confirmed, some comforted and some invigorated. Here is a brief story of each word:


Inwardly I rolled my eyes* when the first word was about being a daughter and being loved! Really God? that’s all you want to say to me? I have noticed this though, that often that’s what God wants to say first, even when I am alone with him. This year I worked with someone who showed me I am a Type 2 on an Enneagram and one of my core fears is being unloved or unwanted. My Father was calming my heart – before anything else, before a word comes to fruition, before a doubt or a lie comes to steal you away – Louise I love you, very much. Begin here. I am so thankful that word was the first to be given.

* at God, not the person speaking!



One of the words was about writing. That I express my heart and truths of God in words. That I would write about what God has done in me, my identity and my heart. Poems were mentioned and so were stories of coming through tough times and all with a prophetic edge. If you look through this blog, you can see that is what I had been doing and continue to want to do. Recently someone asked me what would a successful blog look like for me; a successful blog would be one that promotes thinking and transformation. Nine months later, I decided to really work on this blog and the next two words helped frame it.


This was actually the final word but it was about being like Katniss Everdeen! Back in the early 2000’s, I was told I was like Lucy Pevensie with a bow and arrow. Good to know God keeps up with latest trends! The word was about the way I use words being like Katniss’ skill with bow and arrow. I have the ability to shoot well with words and that I was to keep practising. This is eventually where the name of this blog came from, although I don’t think it is just my words when writing.



There were several words about me having a sensitivity to the spirit of God, both in words picture and just sending his heart. Being told I was prophetic was a fiery arrow to a lie that I had begun to believe about myself! Those who know me personally know coffee is essential to my life, and I love to meet people for coffee (and cake – but God seemed to bypass that!) The word was partly about the way I use words ‘gentleness and tenderness’ ‘sharing in a language that people understand’ but also I believe about how I use my time meeting up with people. I think this is both in my personal life and in the meetings I have with teachers, volunteers and most importantly teenagers in my work – ‘seeing beyond the exterior of people to the original intention’, ‘seeing the depth & detail of peoples heart’. “Be hungry for more”  I’d forgotten about this. I have made a note continue in prayer.


There were a lot of personal words to me about how God has worked in my identity, how it fuelled how I use words with people. That I am not drawn by any identity other than that as a citizen of heaven. This gives me the ability to see beyond what the world sees, to speak words of identity over people, to have the authority to ‘cross borders’. I believe that God has continued to follow up reminding me of this truth, fuelling me writing and speaking as more and more I have understood myself as a citizen of heaven. I think there is more to come, let’s see what happens

There were two similar words, which surprised me the most. The reason why was they were akin to words and prayers people who know me well had given me. These were the words which first got me to listen back again and see that fruit was growing. The words were about a there being a step up, that there was a latent desire to move on in something and a burdening on my heart for something to happen – He knows, and it’s coming.

Honestly – I think know that I was hoping this was about something else. Because of that, I  missed the beginnings of it happening. Last week as I prayed through these words again, God floored me with the revelation – it’s already happening! I am sure that there are many layers to this word but I know that there are two things happening right now that are related to it.

The first is about worship team. In January I was asked to take on the leadership of the team, in March I said yes. In July I remembered the longings I have had over years around how singing in worship to God, longings that go as far back as childhood. Words from my teenage years that I gave up on because I would never get picked for that kind of thing (goes back to my identity word).

The second is about work. I struggle with work. I both love what I do and wonder often when it is time to move on. God has never made it the right time, but now he has provided me with a step which deals with some of the changes I have longed for. Changes I have at times given up on believing would happen. From the 1st August, I will be working one day a week with someone who can help me develop my training skills and my creative drive to produce resources that help us communicate and encourage teenagers. This is just the first page of a new chapter, it began in love, it will remain weaved in love, and through it all there is an adventure waiting….

Wow – this was long! Thank you and well done for reading! If you got to the end comment below with “buy me a coffee!!”


5 thoughts on “Treasuring Words

  1. Buy me a coffee! Oh actually I owe you one!I loved reading this entry Lou and it makes me happy to hear all that God is doing in your life. Your trust in Him is also an inspiration. Im so glad you shared it. Speak soon xx

  2. Buy me a coffee. We said we’d have some time in the holidays. We must. Your words inspire and challenge me. I must never let go of what God has said to me. Recently and in the past. He doesnt change. Xxx

  3. I love watching the story of your life unfolding. Lou, you are one of my close friends, we get to share our hearts and occasionally do life together.
    Weird how my story often tracks yours. Thanks for being wordy, and thanks for being inspirational & sharing . When I grow up., I’m going to be the same 😊 love U loads.
    PS I don’t like coffee, but chatting with food is fab!xxx

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