Am I Fearless?

Yesterday Karen from Love Your Camera hosted a Creative Skills Swap Day at the Alexander Centre in town! It was a day of flower crown making (a new skill for most of us)., vision boarding, chocolate strawberry eating, instagram stories, and getting to know each others creative passions and life stories.


So, are you fearless?

Yesterday Rachel from Olive & Blossom asked me that question. The answer can’t be a closed one, and I don’t want to waffle (though I probably did). The question has set itself firmly in my mind over the last 24 hours. Now sat, having had a day to reflect, I know my answer.

“Yes I am, but I want to be more”

Yes; because to deny how far I had come would be a facade. To not say “yes” would hide all the areas where I have seen fear defeated. All the battles that have been won

Why I do not say “Yes and No” – is due to my love of words and associations. To say no, to me would be to admit fear has power. I won’t let that happen.

Instead, my answer is “yes I am, but I want to be more”; because I have tasted and I have seen of this life. I know the power of living free from fear in so many areas of my life.

Yes, I am, but I want to be more  because this is where adventures stories are born

Yes, I am, but I want to be more  because this is where abundant life abounds

Yes, I am, but I want to be more – because we are made for battle, we are made to run

I will take ground from fear in my life, and in the lives around me. I will pull back my arrow and fire it at lies that bind and restricts fullness of life.

There is an area, I believe that right now I am being led to ask for more in. I am a lover of words and a seer of patterns and when the two come together, my heart latches on.

There is one word that keeps popping up in my journal:


It’s a word I shy away from. Yet, every time, I know I am denying my heart the fullness it was made for.

Zeal; this should be a positive word. For me, however, it is a word that carries a shadow; one I have allowed to follow me for a long time. It is a shadow that silences me, lies to me, and hinders me. I refuse to let it hold me back any longer. I am following a path into a new adventure!

Cast No Shadow

When the earth is tilted furthest towards the sun, there are places on earth where no shadow is cast when the sun is directly overhead.

I just need to stand and tilt toward the Son. That is the way I fight this battle. Zeal is formed by choosing to be zealous. By time and time again saying:

Yes, but I want more

I have music on in the background, the artist just sang out “sometimes we have to sing until we believe.” I will keep singing, keep saying I am fearless until I fully am!

Yesterday, whether they believe it or not, I spent time with people who are learning to be fearless. Just hear their hopes, dreams and life stories and you see it! These people are passionate, creative, courageous and honest. People who say to life: “Yes, but I want more”, who persevere, who push through and who inspire others to do the same.

If you want to check them out you can find them here:

Lucy: Tired From Whitstable Karen: Love Your Camera Kara: Innocent Charm Chats Kate: Kate Clarke London  Nigel & Tina: White One Sugar Rachel: Olive & Blossom

Check out my instagram and click on this picture below to find their wonderful feeds!



Olive + Blossom provide teams with modern, effective team building sessions with a creative floristry-based approach. Our fun and original experiences help support teams to collaborate better, build stronger communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of team roles, all while learning a new skill.




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  1. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    I love this, I would never have thought of myself in this way but reading this post makes me realise I am a little xx

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