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Fancy-Free Walks

Sitting outside my house in this beautiful Bank Holiday weather, I wondered if I can get another walk in before the school term starts again! I remembered about the walk I took at the beginning of the month. I love getting outside, but sometimes it seems too much work to plan a walk, especially when you don’t know an area. That’s how I came across FancyFreeWalks. This is my walk under the Chilterns region: Three Chiltern Villages, Three Great Pubs (I thought this was a great way to begin my holiday). The website hosts UK 365 walks of various length and ease. I found the map and directions really easy to follow even after a pint!

Three Chiltern Villages

I chose this walk; not for the pubs but for the fact you get to see the windmill from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the church from The Vicar of Dibley. We start however at The Frog at Skirmett (there is a story behind that name!). I headed up the road looking for the converted chapel that was my marker for the start of the walk. I loved passing these beautiful homes and gardens. When I grow up, I want a wildflower garden like these! I found the shingle drive and path up to the wood. At this point, two teens were running up the path ahead to climb the trees and there is me; beginning of a walk, out of breath! It is a bit of an incline but once you get momentum you are fine – and after that your good for ground for a while!

I loved the diversity of this walk, country homes to woods, to meadows peppered with poppies and wildflowers. Then suddenly the enchanted woodland path appeared. This was the path that led me on to the town of Dibly  Turville. Everything about the village felt unreal, it was a wonderful way to escape! The cottage below (Old Rose Cottage) is available for hire. I can see myself returning here for another visit, especially with The Bull and Butcher just around the corner.

May I recommend you stop at the pub and grab your self some Homemade Pork Scratchings & Apple Sauce alongside a pint of Oxford Gold. If the suns out, the garden is well worth a visit. I also heard that Midsomer Murders is sometimes filmed in the town…

I continued on, thankfully not having to walk the hill that I had seen before me as I entered the pub! These photo’s do not show the beauty of these golden fields.

I continued through another woodland path, glad of some shade, and found myself coming out of an alley into the village of Fingest. As the guide says, finding yourself at St Bartholomew’s you feel as if somehow you transported through a porthole to Italy.

From Fingest I headed uphill again. Having had a confrontation with a sheep that was lying in front of the stile I needed to cross. I won, but only after waiting; so I guess maybe she won! Back into some wood (also with teenagers climbing trees)! I miss being adventurous like that. After snapping the den I found myself going downhill again, crossing a couple of fields and there once again was my old friend; the Frog at Skirmett.

I loved this walk, I will definitely be using FFW again!

If you have got to the end, let me know who you felt won the confrontation:
Me or the Sheep!!

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