Love Faversham

I thought I’d make a slight return to Lou Loves, telling you a little bit about myself and a little bit about the things I am passionate about. This month I want to tell you about the Market Place of Kings, the land of hop, my place of residence: Faversham

Of all the places on earth, I never thought I’d settle here. It was meant to be a stop gap, in fact, before 2006 I knew nothing of the place, even though it was only 20 minutes up the road from Canterbury. Moving here was a step on the pond, trusting that a lilypad or hippo head would rise to support my step. Slowly the place has won my heart and my heart is fiercely loyal. That is not to say I would never leave, and I think about once a term I have a wobble and want to run away. Nevertheless, for now, my address is written in pencil* and I settle to seek the providence and peace of my town.

It has been one full-on week. Though I am an extrovert and an external processor I also need solace, I seek out places where my heart can be steadied.

My tick list: somewhere, with enough people, a great aesthetic, and coffee, (cake and wine are an optional bonus). One of the wonderful things about where I live is there are a plethora of places to go for some time out. Let me take you around the places Lou Loves to find herself on a regular basis!

Sondes Tea Room & General Store

Ok, so I may have only found this place on Friday but I can tell it will be a Happy Place for me. This gem is found just outside Faversham, by Selling Station. The once pub has been transformed into a delightful cafe embellished with character and style. There are around 100 teas/tisanes to try – so I will definitely be back!

Creekside Vinyl (Benedicts of Kent)

I discovered this place in desperation! I just could not concentrate anywhere and ended up thinking I’d drive down to Standard Quay and sit on the creek wall and try to write there. I was drawn in by the allure of my two of my passions together in one place: Music & Coffee. Owning Vinyl again is high on my bucket list, but this home is too small to make it worth it! When I get my house with picket fence and room for a pony; I shall have a music room. Walking through admiring the vintage hi-fi systems, flicking through old records, feeling memories spinning in my mind, I couldn’t help but be inspired. Coffee paid for I chilled outside, people watched and wrote, and wrote and wrote. It’s been a while since I’ve been down and they’ve opened a new shop called Salt & Spice. I should venture down again (Creekside Vinyl)


Next door to Creekside Vinyl is a small and perfectly designed wine bar (I don’t always drink coffee!!) Good things come in small packages and Binella is a very good thing! I’m a bit late to the party because it has been around a while but I’d never actually ventured inside! During the summer we had a bridesmaids meeting here and discovered the 2 for 1 offer on cocktails AND the cheese board!! Safe to say, we were sold. Between now and Christmas I have very few evenings to spare, but if I do get a night free, you will find me here – with the cocktail of the month in hand! (Binella)


Back to my first love: coffee! Making your way from Standard Quay up to the town centre and you find a relatively new, Italian wine bar. I have mostly drunk coffee here on a Thursday morning with Karen from LoveYourCamera but am yet to eat there. I love just sitting on the bench outside sipping coffee watching the world go by. The coffee goes well with the cannoli; the evenings go well with wine! (vino)

The Yard

I don’t think I need to tell you about my love for the Yard! Most of my posts have been written from there and if you want to meet for coffee, it’s likely this is where I will suggest!.

However, if you missed the memo: I love this place! These days work has meant I am there less, but whenever I can I will pop in. If nothing else I am there for the Book Share – I can’t wait to have Thursday nights free again to go along to another Thirsty Thursday.  This is where I celebrated my 35th birthday, the perfect place to hand with some of my favourite girls in my favourite town. (The Yard)

It’s funny, the places we end up, I just keep listening and walking and holding fast to You. I wasn’t meant to be here, not in my mind, not in my will. Yet it has my heart, it has my care, it has my dreams, it has my prayers.

“Things may happen and often do to people as brainy and footsy as you”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


I’d love to hear about the little coffee shops and tea rooms (or wine bars) in your area! If you have got to the end, leave a comment and tell me which place you would like to visit! You never know I may invite you out there!


 * reference to The Vision (Pete Greig)

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  1. I think I’d love to live there, too! You write so beautifully – “my address is written in pencil”. We just moved to our “forever home” a year ago, and there’s something wonderful yet frightening about that. We live in Texas, so our local hot spots include Starbucks and beer barns, but, I’m a Texas gal for life! Gotta love where you live.

    1. lou says:

      Aww thanks! I’d love to see more of the US! I can’t take credit for that phrase unfortuneltly, it’s a reference from a poem called The Vision. I thought I’d added that but some of my changes didn’t save- just popped it on! Thank you x

  2. Kamiji says:

    The yard for a coffee ☕️ please 😁👌🏾

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