They say you can’t choose your family. I don’t think that’s entirely true. It just depends on how you define the word.

As someone who moved away from my parental home at 18, finding family, where I am, has been important to me.

I never thought I’d be in Kent. The plan was Birmingham, Kent was the insurance offer that wasn’t meant to happen. But it did.

I never thought I’d stay in Kent. South Africa or South America was the next place after uni. It didn’t happen.; and it wasn’t meant to, and over time I saw that.

I was never meant to leave Canterbury. I had my life there, my best friends; the ones I knew as sisters and annoying younger brothers! I had ‘aunties’ and ‘grandparents’. Faversham was unknown to me. Yet, it happened and I found family here.

As we journey through Advent, I see family found and family made. I realise that I haven’t seen the people I see as family in far too long. Even when I’ve been there, I’ve been gone. This advent I look forward to spending time with the people I call family, here in this Little Town of Faversham.

Day 3.

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