Maybe I overestimated how tired Panto would make me…

Day 11 of blogmas and the prompt is splash; which really does sum up today. Today was rather grey and miserable and therefore working from home was not going to be an option. Laptop packed I headed down to The Yard Faversham for some long-awaited caffeine! I was motivated, enthusiastic and the cold would not bother me!

Today did not go as expected. About to leave the gym for school my car broke down, it was cold, wet, miserable. Having phoned breakdown cover I stomped back to the gym in the hope they were serving lunch or at least would let me crash in the cafe for the 3-hour wait I had been promised.

I could have dwelled there, sometimes I would, but today is the 11th. Today is Ruby’s anniversary. I find myself thinking of how rain isn’t a bother when you are a child. You just put on your wellies and stomp around in it … splash! You choose to see it differently.

My greatest memories of Mel were the times where she made us see the world differently – her infectious laugh and smile. that woke you up to endless possibilities.

Today I broke down and had to pay for a new car battery; I could dwell here negative and annoyed, worrying about finances. or

Today I broke down, thank goodness it was in a place where I could get a warm meal and a decent coffee. I’m glad I chose to go to the gym before school rather than after = because otherwise, I don’t think I’d have gone. I am glad that the person who served me was friendly and told me to stay as long as I needed – it made me feel like less of a bother. Not going over to the next school meant I had time to get down some ideas onto paper that have been taking up space in my head. I am thankful that the two-hour wait suddenly became twenty minutes.

I had to pay for a new car battery, which just before Christmas and New Year’s day ‘being a bridesmaid expenditure’ kinda sucks. However, the battery was the original making it 8 years old – it was on its way out anyway! At least I broke down in a car park. I’ve learnt to budget so the money was there, I don’t need to worry.

I’m not in any way making light of today, I miss my friend, we all do. In remembering her though and in honouring her, I want to live with the mindset, that maybe every cloud does have a silver lining; every problem is a possibility and every view has another perspective.

For anyone struggling with bereavement Cruse were so helpful to me. That might not be your preferred way but getting help – in whichever way is effective for you is so important. 

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