This year I chose to focus. In focussing I was enabled to have big adventures. 

If you read much of this blog, you will know I have a passion about being fearless. I think too many of us live from a place for fear and it dictates our attitides and behaviours. 

In 2017 I have faced some fears.

Part of my focus this year was on facing fear. Having my photo taken, joining new groups, taking on a new job role…
As I wrote about Mel yesterday I was reminded of the countless times she tried to drag me up for karaoke and how every time I refused. When I song, unless in a group, even in situations like karaoke where no one gives a … I have a continuous internal monologue that has kept me in fear both emotionally and physically. It started at school, I only realised that this week.

Then pantomime auditions came up and i juat had a knowing I had to audition and in auditioning I may have to sing. In public. Without just being a BV. Fear. 

These last three months I have had to silence the fear on many occasions and pushed forward into freedom & joy.

I know people think I’m confident in it. I’m not fishing for compliments, just you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. 

Time and time again the words that stand out to me are “Do Not Fear”

I don’t yet know what word will feel right for 2018, it may be there isn’t one for next year. I do know I want to continue to step out of fear and into freedom.

Hope – Love – Peace – Joy

The Advent words which I want to live my whole life from 


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