I’m in post-show slump

house is a mess

props and script are still in their spot by the door

I feel like they belong there now

and I have this alter-ego that now needs not to speak again

words that won’t make sense anymore

phrases that need to be unremembered

people I won’t see three evenings a week

I cried today

it’s normal, it happens to me after any show

it’s the last of the energy trying to leave me

it’s the tiredness and the happiness

it was a good show – eight good shows

and I will miss it

but I will also move on

life always does

it’s just ok to pause for a moment and let the dust settle

I joke I won’t know what to do with my time

but I will, I always do

the fear is nothing will replace the high

the truth is, there is always opportunity lurking in the wings

the lights will shine again

but for now, I shall enjoy

lights out

I’ll look forward to seeing what He has in store for me next

– Hope


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