New Years Honours List

It has been an absolute joy reading back through my journal of 2017. One thing I am glad to have cultivated is becoming more thankful. I still have far to go and in 2018 I want thankfulness to also produce honour and not just stay silently in my writing. Yet why start tomorrow (and also I can’t seeing as I will be very much engaged with bridesmaid duties!) Here today is the New Years Honours List of Queen Lou


1. Becky: I started the year at a very interesting NYE party in Deal with this girl completely sure this was the year A would propose! It’s been a wonderful year of spending time together, planning weddings, surprising her with a hen party, having makeup trials and emergency tea breaks and of course Patch sitting! It will be a joy to be her bridesmaid tomorrow! The rest are in alphabetical order but I wanted this one to come first.

2. Airbnb: Very thankful for a wonderful holiday which was extremely needed. click here to see!

3. The Ajulo’s: My first trip to Leeds to visit an incredible couple

4. Binella: Cheese Boards with Karen and half price cocktails to help Hen Party planning. Must make more of the place next year.

5. Bloggers meet-ups: Getting to know Innocent Charm Chats, Laurenbythesea, tiredfromwhitstable, olive+blossom better alongside Karen and Stacey

6. Bookysham: I have definitely read more this year due to the book share

7. Carol: For being a constant encouragement and a great mentor to the youth

8. Falstaff Hotel: Amazing Cocktails and got our Murder Mystery Hen off to a great start

9. Family Trust: For being crazy enough to allow me to lead the band two nights at CTC

10. Kerry: For being an amazing personal trainer and not putting up with my excuses (apart from when I forgot my whole kit!)

11. Little People & their parents: My beautiful godchildren R & B who have been rays of sunshine in my year. Also for the toddlers that fill my life on a more regular basis and their parents who have not given up on me even when I’ve tried to push away!

12. Jenni O: I miss our Skype chats and you always inspire me with your #3goodthings

13. Maria & Robbie: What a gorgeous summer of wedding-ness you invited me to x

14. Marky & Paul: One of the most generous couples I know. Thank you for the time I have spent in your house (with and without you!)

15. Meet Ups: Specifically for the Kent Outdoor Explorers group which is the main group I have stuck with. What a lovely summer of walks!

16. Mentors: I love the organisation I work for and am so thankful for all they have done for me this year. I also want to honour all our volunteer mentors who take out time in the day to listen to young people share their life stories.

17. New Job: Working for Brogdale CIC one day a week has been a great answer to prayer and I love working with a team again.

18. Paper Boyo: Find him on instagram, you won’t be sorry.

19. Red Riding Hood Cast: What can I say, what a journey it turned out to be! Fell in love with the stage again, met some awesome people, got to know some people better, sang, fell over 8 times and now know all the words to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

20. Rising Sun: This charity is incredible for the work they do. Thank you for inviting me to help with Break 4 Change, hang out with Katie, and gain a piano from your premises!

21. Sister: I don’t think I’ve talked much about how great my sister is. Every year she hosts Christmas and it’s wonderful. I am so thankful for her inspiration, encouragement, love, creativity and generosity!

22. Sondes Tea House & The Yard: Two places I love to be and have had so many empowering and equipping conversations in. Thank you for being places of sanctuary.

23. Starbucks: For Tuesday morning coffees, Monday afternoon tea and smiling staff

24. Tina Wallace: for coming over to mine in the summer and helping me make something of the little patch of land I like to call a garden!

25: Young people: To the teenagers, I have worked with this year, to those I met in the Pantomime, and to those who are in my life generally. You are an inspiration! I am so proud of you all for persevering this year. I am so thankful for the laughter you bring, for introducing me to The Walking Dead and for continually pushing my creativity.

What a wonder-filled year – I am sure I have left so much off the list but I think 25 is enough for now!

Here is to 2018!

So who or what are you thankful for in 2017?

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