There are times when our knowledge of what is true and our experiences seem to match up. Then there are times where they don’t, yet we have faith in the unseen. Then days, weeks, months arrive when what we know to be true seems vastly different to the lens we perceive the world through. Sometimes we can battle, other times we feel like lying in the dust.

This morning in during the singing in church, God laid some words on my heart. Initially, I thought they were just words for me but then felt they were words to share. I am aware, that ‘written’ is different to spoken but I hope this encourages you.

When my feet are slow
Where my mind is turned away
Where my heart is far from you
You are faithful

Where darkness sets in
Where the storms do rage
Where faith is low
You are faithful

When times are good
Where your voice seems so near
Where laughter has replaced all the tears
You are faithful

Where experience and truth seem far apart
Where brokenness & hopelessness batter my heart
Where Victory seems a word unknown
Still you are Faithful

Still you are faithful
Still you are faithful
Still you are God

and faithfulness is your name
and it is written over me
and it is written over you
it is written over our church

Faithful one from beginning to end
Faithful one
Faithful one
Faithful you are and
Faithful are you
and even when it seems it is not true
It Is and
You are faithful

I went on to encourage the church to sing again but that makes no sense without context – and besides, I can’t actually remember what I said!

I pray you see His faithfulness this week – L


Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

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