Today I am…

Yesterday I attending ‘Writing, Coffee & Conversation’ a creative writing/poetry workshop in Mornington Cresent run by Charmaine Pollard. The emphasis of it being around self discovery. Over the two hours we wrote and shared 3 pieces of work.

Our first was to free write following the starter phrase ‘Today I am…’ I absolutely loved everything about the workshop and so I wanted to share what I ended up writing. Charmaine has a rule of ‘no explaination, no justification’ so here is mine without explanation or justification…

Today I am
Mildly excited
And aware the caffeine has not yet
made its way to my mind

the sun is out and yet the cold
hit me as i left the house
that feels like me
there is sun, yet there is cold

Crisp – fresh
Change how I see it
there is sun, yet there is cold
but as I left the house; as I began
to move,
it became warmer
I became warmer and then the
cold, the crispness was refreshing

Today I am enjoying the fact the sun shines
but embracing the cold, crisp and fresh too

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