Nothing is Ordinary

Focus February Update: well I’ve managed to get one big job done! The doors in my house are now all finally painted. Money wise I’ve noted it’s when I’m tired that the ‘extra’ bits find their way into my shopping bag. I’ve realised I’ve spent about £10 extra this month on food I dont really need – but that’s the only thing I’ve bought outside of my no spend even having been tempted!

I thought I’d share today another poem from my writing workshop. We were asked to look around the cafe and write from the point of view of an object within it. No justification, no explanation… my eyes were drawn to a set of toilet rolls sat within some shopping left on a table as its owner went to order.

Right now I’m sat on a chair
I’m not quite sure why I am here
I know I have purpose
but right here is not where I should be
or is it?
I want to be purposeful, useful
although I worry about the wait
I am not patient
and I am alone
on a chair
with lots of others that look like me
that may get picked first

I feel out of place
surrounded by sounds & smells
that dont feel fitting to where
I feel I should be

but what is feeling?
should I just enjoy
where I am
worry less about not
where I should be
believe my time will come
where my purpose is revealled

sat here on a chair
and yet, you noticed me
because I was unusual
you started writing about me
why – how does your mind work
that out of all the colour and texture and beauty
in this place
you thought
about how I
may feel

Afterwards we were asked to read it back and note what we saw. I saw me. What do you see?

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  1. Masami says:

    Wow, I love this creativity in this! It’s so powerful! x

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