Last weekend I had a rare full Saturday with no planned activities and so took myself up to Reculver to sit in a cafe on the seafront and take some time to write. Sitting there with a savoury crepe filling my senses, staring our the ‘square porthole’ to the sea as if someone had pre-styled me an Instagram photo; I began to think about rest.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good hashtag and I believe it is good for the soul to have days set aside for family, friends and rest; unplanned moments, lie in’s and creative time. I also know I am in a time where I have no one depending on me to fill their spare hours! So I certainly don’t berate those who long for the weekend;

but for me, I’m learning not to #friyay

I used to live for the weekend, the bright lights and loud music! At 7pm Dave Pearce on Radio One would announce the weekend with Dance Anthems; our faces became adorned with glitter gel and bronzing pearls (we didn’t contour back then!), and we’d pile down to the bus stop to go into town. I lived to be out of, what I saw as the boring 9-3pm of school days or 9-5 work (what I realise now is I’m just an extrovert who loves meeting new people!). Had we had a hashtag back then (other than for numerical use) I would have been a firm proponent of #friyay!

We’ve all (potentially) grown up since then. For me, a night out takes military precision timing and planning! Plus when you work with teenagers, finding a venue where you won’t bump into one of them is hard work. In addition, no one has money, and with many of my friends now with their own families, it’s not as frequently done. I reminisce!

Truth is though, we have the adult version of #friyay which seems to be that my saviour, my comfort, my reward is a glass of prosecco/wine, a G & T, takeaway! Whilst these things are not in themselves bad – I enjoy each one of them I wonder if there is a better way of living than longing for Friday. I don’t want to become fixated on the weekend and miss out on what God could do with my week; with what I could see happen or achieved.

I do the same with longing for a holiday. Whilst a holiday is good and to be desired – if I only wait until those 10 days in the summertime where I get to be in the sunshine with a couple of books, friends and music – I will crumble. I need to enjoy the other 50 weeks. I need to also learn how to rest in the everyday. I need to make sure I don’t let ‘holidays’ ‘gin’ ‘wine’ ‘prosecco’ ‘cheat days’ are where I direct my week. I need to make sure they don’t become a functional saviour, providing characteristics I should go to Jesus for. Even if you are not a Christian, I think this is mostly true.

#Friyay can mean I look at work as awkward, an annoyance rather than enjoying that God has given it to me and provides for me through it. It means I look to these holidays as rewards for hard work, busyness or stress. It means I don’t build proper rest in on other days, I don’t slow down because I need to earn my rest. it means I have often hit the holidays hard, ended up ill and not rested until the end of the time.

Friends, this is not the life Jesus won for us.

I am not knocking hard work and I understand for some, busyness is a season – I have been through that too. Yet it was a season, not a lifestyle.

I am trying not to #Friyay because I am learning to find ‘yay’ in everything, to build rest into all my days and to go into longer periods of rest without being completely exhausted!


What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas  – do you disagree?

2 thoughts on “#FRIYAY

  1. Hi Lou!
    This is a great blog. I feel I can really relate to this. I too have recently felt convicted about looking forward to days ahead, saying to myself Spring will be better, this time next year things will all be easier (with the kids etc)…… . I know I need to live for today and make my life count, glorifying God with all He has given me. You are absolutely right, my rest should be in Jesus in whom I should (and try to) meet with daily to find strength and seek out His purpose for me each day. It’s so easy to miss the beauty in the present moments because of being too busy and constantly striving to improve things for the future. Life is short and today matters!
    Lots of love xxx

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