A History of My Obsession With Words

As part of a series on creativity in our church. I was asked to speak on using creative writing in worship. I opened with this spoken word. The rest of the talk is here

My obsession with words
Came alive with a door
I remember as a child
No older than four
That door
Connecting me to our kitchen
Adorned with postcards
Connecting me to my father’s heart
Telling me he was never far
Teaching me to trust in a father I couldn’t always see
Knowing his love and generosity, patiently
Planned over me
And though words on a card
Don’t have a voice
I heard him speak every time

School beckoned me with colours and
stories, poems and songs
read and written
The bug had bitten
My heart smitten
my brain lit up
as creativity spilled
from lead onto page
though increasing age
led childhood awe to
teenage rage

and as my emotions flooded through ink
I saw my childlike confidence sink
my heart encaged
as pain and confusion
struck to the page
and I couldn’t get up
I couldn’t arise
as shame took its pen and wrote on me lies
that these are words no one should know
hide them away, become silent
only my journal saw the truth
only my journal and You

and though the words continued to glare
You, God showed me how writing could turn into prayer
Then You stirred my heart by a more noble theme
An arrow drawn back to Your eye
I could see the lie
And as I saw from a different view
Words were renewed
A battle cry advanced
on enemy ground and I found
Words together carefully bound
truth, I arose
let the arrow go

a cause released in me

For we all know the power of a negative word
How it pulls us down
Makes us feel like…
Well, just not nice
And it doesn’t reflect the King I know
So, I implore you to join me
Take your arrow, you bow
Or your seeds and sow
Words of grace, love, joy and peace
Because words can be used to destroy or release
And words and be used to make or break
So, choose to, adorn hearts
Choose to quench shame’s fiery darts
Choose to call souls to awake
Choose to love and choose to create


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