The End


“this season is coming to an end”

One aspect of discernment I am seeking to grow in is knowing when a season is coming to an end. One aspect of faith I am seeking to grow in is obediently letting that season end.


I am coming up to the end of a year, Good Friday is also my 36th birthday! As this month of March came into view, God spoke to me about a season of ending. I think this is something that will come up more than once as a season this year, but this is the first phase.

You may remember back in February I joined @teaandbiscuits_x challenge for a No Spend February. This went fine until at the end of the month I was whacked with two tyres needing replacing as well as the new pair of glasses at the beginning! Thank goodness I had not gone overboard spending!! It got me thinking about my spending habits.

IMG-20180323-WA0019For years now I have lived off of my credit card. I began using it my card when it gave me an offer on Amazon. I saved up credits all year and it paid for most of my Christmas presents. Every month I faithfully paid it off – and this has been my way of living for years. However now with two jobs paying me at different times of the month, this way of living has increasingly led me in to confusion and worry. I jokingly said to a friend that I should just cancel my card, then the joke stayed, and the joke became reality.

Yet I couldn’t see a way through it. How could I pay off a card AND live from my pay for a month? This would take more than being frugal. Reluctantly, I knew I would have to use my holiday and house savings to do this. Anyone who knows me knows how hard that would be, I have wanted a new bathroom and a holiday for so long now and to say goodbye to that money was heartwrenching. Yet by now, I had faith God had spoken. SO I stepped out in obedience. Within 24 hours I started to panic and began dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to gain money (which included switching banks – something I still may do). 48 hours after making the decision something extraordinary happened.

I was in between seeing my pupils one to one when I received a text from a friend asking me to check my bank account for £1. I checked and confirmed it. They said they would text again later and I thought nothing more of it. The second text came to check my account, suddenly – the amount I needed to cover myself for the month was in my account. There is a story behind why and how – but I’d rather keep that for the people that already know! What matters is, I had unexpected increase. My card is paid off and I can begin this new season, of living out of credit!

A season of ending gave way to blessing and peace.

So what else has ended this month



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