The last time I cried

hello friends!

I love finding out things about people and so when Kara from Innocent Charm Chats has tagged me into her all about me I was fascinated to read her answers. I loved the questions too, I think that they show a lot about the soul of a person. I set about answering them and here they are… let me know in the comments that fact that surprised you or related most to you?

29665513_2104314369584176_664059896143709326_oWhen was the last time you cried?

Good Friday. Fourteen and a half months in the waiting, I finally got to see Hamilton: an American Musical. Honestly, I have been obsessed with this musical since soldeglo played Guns & Ships on her channel. Safe to say I experienced many emotions watching this amazing piece art unfold on stage. One included tears!*


If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

20180330_190341Most of the time, because I would know that someone like me needs quality time and investment! Also, I know me makes great cookies. Other times, I would be annoyed with me and not want to be my friend – as in maybe the times when I check multiple times over that my hair straighteners are not left on, or talk obsessively about my latest passion.

However, a true friend sees past the imperfect. They love quirks and overlook your flaws. They challenge and cheerlead and commend. So yes, when it all comes together – I would be my friend

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Less than I used to. I realised I used sarcasm to pull down or humiliate people when I am feeling insecure. I’m not about that game anymore, although I’m happy to be called out on it when I slide. I think words are so powerful and we need to choose them wisely. Where I need to work on that is using indirect sarcasm about situations I don’t want to be in!

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

One of my best friends from school will tell you it’s: eyes, then smile. Which is true on the external, but more often than not, what I usually notice is their energy.

Scary movie or happy endings?

Neither really. I definitely don’t ever choose horror but I do like thrillers! I like films that make me think or leave me a bit unsure (I know I am weird!). On the nights that I just need to indulge I would be choosing right now between comedy/happy ending and The Waking Dead – so either or neither I guess. I usually go to Stevie Dunn if I want some suggestions

Favourite smells?

  • Most herbs & Spices! wish I could build a substantial herb garden (the legal kind) where I could sit and do my writing within.
  • Candles – if you are ever stuck on what to buy me, this is the easiest choice – I also like the smell of burn out matches!
  • Baking, coffee, roast dinner and suncream.

1918692_105740156108284_8359739_nWhat’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Just had to check a map and it’s South Africa. I have been there twice (to Durban both times). Once on a gap year and once to visit a friend. I thought for a long time it would be a place to settle but the second time I went, as soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew that wasn’t my calling.

Do you have any special talents?

…chocolate brownies… and I’m good at creating names for new projects.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I never really had a solid plan and any plans I had went to pot. I  remember in Year 3 being inspired by some missionaries who spoke at my church and writing in my ‘All about Me’ project that this is what I wanted to be. Except I put mechanic. It was around the time where Kylie played Charlene (who was a mechanic) in Neighbours. Therefore to others, it seemed to make sense and so for a while, that’s what my teachers thought I’d set my sights on. There was also the time when I wanted to be Macaulay Culkin’s wife but the less said about that the better!

How many countries have you been to?

I did this recently and got it wrong so here goes: Germany, Wales (does that count?), Ireland, France. I did the student holiday of  Majorca, Fuerteventura & Gran Canaria which technically I guess make three Spanish islands? (-sorry dad). As I mentioned I have been to South Africa twice (stopping at Dubai and Joburg but not enough to say I visited). Finally, I have travelled to the USA (see my New York diaries), Rhodes, Norway, Morroco, Portugal and Cyprus. I love travelling and I’d love to do more of America and the South. Part of me would love to walk some of the Appalachian Trail and I’d love to do a big American road trip. Other than that, the only two places left on my list are Sri Lanker (where my mum grew up) and Italy.

What was your favourite / worst subject in school?

Honestly, most of the time I liked school and I like my lessons. There were some classes I hated but that was more to do with the people in them than the subject. I guess my biggest loves were Psychology, English, Drama & Music. I wasn’t a big fan of PE or science and I disliked maths from year 9 onwards.


What is your favourite drink?

I really don’t drink much other than coffee and water. In the winter I tend to migrate the water intake to herbal teas and I make an amazing Chai and a beautiful lavender tea. If we are talking alcohol, I am usually going to gravitate towards a bourbon – or an espresso martini but made with gentleman jack. The best place to go for that is The Falstaff in Canterbury


What would you have named your children?

That is still to be decided! When I was a pre-teen I was obsessed with Sweet Valley High and always wanted blonde twins to name Jessica & Elizabeth. Now I believe names carry power and so I think I would take time to pray for a name for my child.

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

I absolutely love The Michelaks. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but watching them most Sunday afternoons gives way to one of my most chilled out weekly moments. I also love Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit, Carly Rowena, Jon Jorgenson and Jamie Genevive

How many boyfriends have you had?

A few. (I’ll leave that there)

Favourite memory from childhood?

I have three favourite memories from childhood. Two are with my cousin and will not make any sense or be funny to you if I try to explain. However, one included trying to phone Mark Owen from Take That. My other memory is of my mum dancing around the kitchen whilst cooking dinner as I played my newest favourite song:

Tell us one of your bad habits…

I have noticed lately a lot of negative self-talk escaping from my mouth, that is something to curtail. I also am Type 2 on an Enneagram. If I feel insecure I go into total overdrive on wanting to be needed and needing responses from others to vindicate my doubts about myself.

I eat wheat even though I shouldn’t

Tag some others:

so would you like to join in? Feel free to tag yourself but I will tag MrsN from Enjoying not Enduring, Caralyn from BeautyBeyondBones Masami from Truth and Beauty and Karen from LoveYourCamera

*in the spirit of transparency, I started writing this yesterday then went to see Love, Simon. So truth it I last cried watching that film!

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