This is Spring

If you were to describe yourself as a season – which would you choose?

IMG_20180427_193824_909I think, hands down, I am a spring personality: a little chaotic, always seeking the new, unpredictable in my energy levels and require support and nurture for growth.

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I use the analogy of seasons to describe life. I even have a free printable in my defining the season post that can help you work out what season you are in right now. 

20180421_113218For me, I have felt the season is changing so I decided one Saturday morning to take myself into town for a coffee and a journal session in the sunshine. As I spent time praying and writing, asking questions and listening, I felt God say very simply:

“this is spring”

which of course in the literal it is! Yet I felt it was also true for me in the abstract.

20180427_085117I feel there is a time of awakening and breakthrough happening, my fitness regime has changed, I am back in the choir and I am finally able to start upgrading my bathroom! Aside from these, I feel there was something even more to awaken.

Not being green-fingered, I investigated further (used google) to find out more about this season. My attention was captivated by one website described the season as reconnecting, affirming, renewing, and promising. I know I am prone to struggling with is ‘connection’ and seeing only glimpses of promises. I know I am drawn to renewal, I know I need to affirm truth often in my life. In this season of spring; may the knowledge of these four pillars encourage. It is how it is meant to be.

With all this newness and glimpses of breakthrough, may we not discouraged, when the glimpse disappears – it is a moment of a promise of what is to come.

IMG_20180421_133147_155Spring is a time of waking up of catching glimpses of the new but it is also a time of much work. Gardners are preparing, planting, pruning and hunting pests! They are supporting and nurturing growth. It is a time of intentional graft, still, gardeners take every opportunity to be with their garden, for the joy set before them. In this season of spring; where am I making time to be intentional, where am I wanting to shirk off the graft?

With all this growth and colour, may we prepare the ground, nurture and support the breakthroughs and intentionally hunt out those pests! 


One of my first glimpses of joy in this season has been to see my strawberry plant grow. Last year I cut it back and gave up on it. This year its grown more than it did at all and with many more flowers – glimpses of the fruit to come.

With all the pruning, and the disappointments of what has passed. May I encourage you that there is much fruit to come

L x

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