The Blue Dress


I remember the first time
you took me to London to
buy a dress
we stopped off at Sloane Square
and ate lunch
then on up to
Hight Street Kensington
It was our adventure

there was an H&M
I thought it was French
(it was Swedish)
and the height of fashion
and inside we found a dress
and I can’t remember what it was for
or even how old I was
but I remember the emotion
and I remember that dress
the way I felt that
just for once
something was made just for me

I remember my sister telling me
it was an empire line
and it suited me
and I repeated that to all my friends
as if I knew
what an empire line was
or where it lay

these are the adventures
that seep into my mind,
as I travel back home20180430_080302.jpg

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