Spring Loves


Happy Bank Holiday!!

I’ve taken a break from the sunshine to come inside and was about to write a post of fear & faith and in the process remembered about my monthly favourites. I haven’t done them in forever, and I’m not about to make a plan of it. However this spring I feel like I have been awakened to some new products and so here are my spring loves:


I have thanks to The Anna Edit discovered the wonder of the Lash Lift. I was given a treatwell voucher at Christmas and searched for salons near to me. Libra Beauty Cabin is not too far away, Helen is lovely and the added bonus is its two minutes from the cinema so for my first lift I combined it with a (before) trip to see Black Panther! I am converted – my make up routine (when I’m bothered!) is so much quicker and I feel more confident out in the sunshine with no daily makeup on!

Alo on the subject of eyes; I have been loving Amazon Prime’s new series The Crossing. If you were a fan of flashforward (still mourning the fact it only made one season) or even maybe Lost then I think this will be up your street. Season 3 of UnReal came out as did Season 7 of The Walking Dead, so on the cooler nights I have managed my way through these.

I’m trying to TV less though and now the sunshine is out I am hoping that I will take advantage of a good book in an evening – although I may have to make it a date night for myself!


Three very different songs, but all on my favourite list. The video for Guess Again is exceptional.


On my birthday I took a day out in London, visited The Photographers Gallery, mooched in Liberty, ate in Honest Burger, then dodged the rain as I made my way to Victoria Palace to see Hamilton (with a cheeky Browns cocktail thrown in for good measure). Whistly dodging the raindrops I found myself in Kiko and seeing as it was my birthday, I picked up a few products! The fixer, in particular, is amazing and now never far from my reach!


All these loves are joined with celebrations. The Espresso Martini on my birthday, the gf Brewdog Vagabond for compleating The Beast at Betteshanger and the incredible meal from Purchases Chichester celebrating my Dads 75th. I genuinely think its one of the best meals I have ever eaten!

Spring has meant a lot of family time, and time with people that feel like family to me. I guess maybe that is what I have loved most about spring. Here’s to the summer!

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