What Wakes Me Up

I can’t believe its almost a month since I last posted. My fingers aren’t so quick on the letters, my mind is struggling to remember how to piece thought together. I know if I sit and plan, it will never get written. I have a notebook full of drafts to prove this. A stream of consciousness seems the only way forward; stream of consciousness, with a spell check and edit!

What Wakes Me Up

If you have known more for only a small moment of time, you know that I’m not much of a morning person. I struggle with what I probably think is a minor form of sleep anxiety and this impacts the next day. Yet knowing this, I embarked on a new journey in May; one that involved being up twice a week at 5.30am. I put money in this and so I knew that I would have to get up for this. I needed a plan!


I’ve had a lumie alarm clock for years, I’m not sure if I’m doing it right but it doesn’t seem to work any better than a normal alarm for me. In fact, the piercing alarm is so horrid a sound that I awaken with shock, turn it off and fall back into bed! Alarms ‘alarm’ me but they do not ‘awaken’ me.


Having boot camp twice a week has taught me that a great way to wake up is through exercise. Often I have slumped in there at 6.45am convinced I have no energy, only to find that energy has appeared once we are done! I’m physically ‘tired’ but the pay off is in an energy boost that lasts the day. I started bootcamp as a chance to change things up. I was not pushing myself unless I had a PT session and I only had that 30mins once a week. Two hours a week for eight weeks with a group of women sounded a challenge but one I had set my sights upon. I’ve loved it – even the days we had to do burpees and squat jumps. I’ve lifted more, run further, laughed a lot and held a plank with perfect form. I never thought I’d enjoy fitness or getting up at 5.30am, but things are changing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a shake-up of their normal routine, anyone who wants to laugh while losing inches and gaining muscle and anyone who wants to learn the cha cha slide plank routine.

are/is… I couldn’t work it out!

I know it wouldn’t be sustainable as a daily action, I do need to sleep in some mornings and in fact slept in by accident two mornings of Bootcamp but all in all, it’s a great way to start my day.


Twice in May, I had the chance to take Chapel service. One was on ‘Feel Good Friday’ the other on the Moana Song ‘You’re Welcome. I will be uploading these this month as seperate blog posts. Driving to Bethany School in Goudhurst as the sun awakened Kentish countryside was wonderful. The buzz I get from speaking to pupils like this overrides any sense of tiredness or need for coffee (although I do often slump by the afternoon if I don’t reenergize myself”


Way back in my no spend February, I made a decision to use up my bathroom products FULLY before investing in new products. I am still making my way through shower gels and bubble bath but through the spaces that have emerged on my shelf, three little bottles appeared. I recall that at some stage in life, I had an oil burner and a slightly ‘mother earth’ style of life. These bottles were all that remained. I remembered reading something (pretty sure it was one of those procrastination buzzfeed articles) which suggested a bathroom ‘hack ‘ of putting droplets of essential oil on in the bathtub then running the shower over it. I tried it, and my word it works! Every morning I do this before my shower and it is a great way to wake up. Let me know below if you try it!



The reality of my wheat intolerance is that I can get away with eating a little. I don’t get sick, I only bloat slightly and the tearfulness only comes after several days of ‘only eating a bit here and there’. I do think though, on a regular, it affects my waking and makes me sluggish. Learning to eat well, especially when it comes to wheat intake has encouraged my awakening


There is one thing that has become clear to me. Whilst I awaken physically and whilst I am encouraging myself to persevere. I am not doing the same with my spirit. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if I am instead pressing snooze on my spirit. I am not exercising or feeding it correctly, I am not filling it with wonder or creating an environment where it fires up. The moment I wake up, I get my phone from the lounge and bring it back to bed. I fill my mind with social media, emails, youtube. I am Martha. I am no longer sitting at His feet and listening, but getting on with what is not necessary or priority at that moment. I think that’s why I have struggled to write. My spirit is not filled and so nothing overflows.

As I come into July, the second half of my year. May I not go backward in my physical awakening but may I also run without hindrance in my spiritual waking.

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