Simple Truth

I wrote this post in 2009! It was inspired by a talk by Stu Gibbs – I think from a youth leaders weekend! However this morning in church, Holy Spirit reminded me of its content so I thought I’d repost it here! Welcome to my 26 year old start up blog:

I’ve just had an amazing revelation. During a preach by Stu Gibbs this weekend, I felt God saying to me “I don’t need to be pleased”. Hands down – I am a people pleaser! God is working that out of me (in a good way) but it is something I struggle with, even worry about. Often, all though less now than once was, I worry that maybe I won’t be able to please God enough.

During this talk, and through the story of how Jacob took Esau’s birthright, he reminded me, He is already fully pleased with me.

In the story, Jacob and his mum hatch up a plan to make him smell and feel like Esau to a dying blind father. To do this, Jacob puts on the skin of a dead goat to feel like his brother  (who is hairy!) and proceeds to make his father a good meal to put him in a positive mood. How does this show that God is already fully pleased I hear you ask!

1. Death gained Jacob his inheritance

It was the skin of a dead animal that made Jacob feel like Esau. He had to put on ‘New Clothes’ to gain the inheritance. For us, we get to put on the clothes of Christ! We become like Christ in his death and resurrection, and we are the aroma of Christ (we even smell like him rather than a dead animal!). Therefore we gain God’s blessing and inheritance because he sees us as His son, perfect and without blemish.

2. Issac does not go back on his blessing

When he finds out Jacob is not Esau, he doesn’t change his mind and go back on the blessing and give it all to the elder son, no he does not change! Jacob gains the inheritance and blessing and keeps it, even though he didn’t deserve it. It’s the same with us – we don’t deserve the blessing but God is not caught out by us. Even more – He does not change His mind!

3. We don’t have to have mum hatch up a plan for us whereby we deceive God.

Unlike Jacob, we don’t have to con our Father.  Instead He is the one to give both the blessing and inheritance and the route to gain it. He gave us the new clothes and the dead animal (Christ) to cover us! God is not deceived, He knows the plan exactly! He came up with it, and he will not suddenly catch us out and take away our inheritance. He is not deceived, dying or blind.

4. We don’t have to bring a meal to please God.

Jesus did that, He pleased the father, even before the cross. Before he did anything, when He was baptised the father spoke that he was pleased with him. Now we are in Christ, our Father is pleased with us! This is before we did anything, whether we’ve stepped out in miracles, read the whole bible or not He is pleased with us. We do not need to bring anything to him, that has already been done (although because we are so overwhelmed with thankfulness – we instead give Him our all!). Do not fear; we will not be caught out! Our Father is very much aware of who we are, but he sees us clothed in Christ and with us he is pleased.

2009 Lou



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