He says my names several times before He says it with force. Not to berate. Rather to pull my attention from mind numbing swiping to something more energising and significant. He says it for me to make a choice, which place will I attend to? Either way He is with me, but His desire is that I choose what is best! I rest in to His embrace.

Are we prepared to leave ourselves resolutely alone and to launch out into the priestly work of prayer?... what a splendid audacity a child has, and that is what our Lord taught us to have. – Oswald Chambers

When I was younger, I wrote to Father Christmas. A writer even as a child, I detailed my year, asked him about his and made sure without telling him that he could see I had been good (show not tell!). Then I would ask him for a couple of presents I’d like to find under the tree in Christmas day… Usually some books!

When I believed, (and even in the later years, where I wasn’t sure but did not want to miss out), I had an expectation of an answer. A yes, a no, a later or sometimes – a here’s something you never thought of! Whichever I way I expected an answer.

When I believed I expected that he would deliver and whatever he delivered it would be good!

When I believed, I was never embarrassed for what I asked for. A red biro! An egg slicer! It didn’t matter what others thought or asked for or even what he would think! I just asked! It didn’t matter, I could be audacious.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

She shuts the journal. The difference with You is, she says smiling at her Father, is I don’t have to prove my goodness to you. Yet my expectation remains; you will answer and deliver, I can be audatous in the asking.

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