Two minutes ago the train was empty. Now she sits surrounded by men talking about football using language unknown to her.

She’s thinking about what she wrote yesterday about craving. Having just successfully completed a 21 day sugar detox, thoughts are connecting in her mind linking her learning from the detox to her musings in this season.

“After seven of the twenty one days, I already had changed my craving. Is there something to learn about changing my spiritual craving to something more wholesome.”

Allowing and Accepting Bordom

It was when she was bored, she looked to food. Instead she has begun to ask “am I bored, procrastinating lonely or tired?” Then responded accordingly and placed energy in a source of rest or refuelling that was better.

Avoiding the subject

Not wanting to think about certain topic, sugar and eating in general became a refuge. Sometimes the subject needs noticing.

To stop running after this addiction, something had to change.

Change the palette

To be intentional both in changing an addiction to sugar and crave better food, the palette has to change. On the detox you miss up a variety of spice and herb mixes.

She noticed her thoughts expanding “Maybe I need to add in a variety of sources of connecting with you, to beat my ‘spiritual sugar addiction’.”

Fill up on something else

The detox is all about filling up those hunger pangs with protein, healthy fats and non starchy carbs. What is going in, matters.

“maybe I need to drastically change what I’m feasting on”

People might think you are crazy

Many people told her it wasn’t a good idea. Many meant well but she needed to nail this addiction to sugar. She learnt to explain well to those who cared and walk from those who don’t.

There may be tears

Detoxing from sugar meant her main dopamine hit had been drastically reduced. She remembered days with tears, but also remember they passed as she leaned into those things which had always bought her true joy. Long term clarity arose.

During advent, her heart is to change her spiritual palette, fill up on what is good, and allow what needs to come to the surface arise.


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