This was the year that…

31st of December (1).png

Every year, at this time, I love to get away to reflect on the year that has gone and then set my face to the year ahead. I have absolutely loved Twenty Eighteen and bid it a fond farewell, full of memories, growth and new experiences.

This was the year I…

Finished ‘Home’ Tasks (painting doors, hanging up artwork, saving for bathroom)

Grew My Skills (trained two groups of mentors, preached, spoken word, attending poetry workshops

Mastered Burpees, Pushups & 6am Wake Ups (thanks to kclfitness)

Sustained Healthy Habits (one of my goals for the year)

Asked for Help

Achieved a 21 day Sugar Detox and a 31 day YouTube Fast

Walked More

Saw My Best Friend get Married 

becky & antony 159-847591358..jpg

Said No, (when I needed to; still need to grow in not feeling guilty for it)

Saw Friends Bloom (and got genuine joy from it)

Saw the Same Film in the Cinema Twice (The Greatest Showman)

Read Four Incredible Books (Lilly & The Octopus, The Language of Flowers, Daring Greatly and Little Fires Everywhere)

Ticked Italy off of My Bucket List (amazing provision from God)


Discovered some truly inspirational people 

Fuelled my love for the theatre on and off stage (Hamilton, Godspell, Jeffery Bernard is Unwell, Charity Show, Singing Workshops, Nashville, Joseph, running summer workshops)

Became a Deacon (in 2018 I also became a temporary tenor & a one off choir director)

Celebrated my Dad turning 75 (and my Godson turning 2)

Talked about Hamilton, Brene Brown & Italy alot!

Got way too obsessed with Love Island!

Saw the back of My Eye

Conquered some Fears


Discovered New Local Places


Attended Folk Proms on the Hottest Day

Launched 2 New Projects (hopefuelled, The One Hundred)

Lived in London (for a Week)

Fell in Love with getting Lash Lifts

Learnt to Laugh More, Enjoy Exercise, Relish Time Alone, See the Season, Pray for Church and Realign Hope

Found The Lake


A Year of Words

I also found it interesting that each month seemed to have a focus/word:

  • Jan: Season of sadness but I am with you
  • Feb: Less is more, enjoy what you have
  • Mar:Spring is coming
  • April: Let go
  • Nay: Hope
  • June:Fear
  • July: Occupied
  • Aug: Rejoice
  • Sept: Refuge
  • Oct: Light
  • Nov: Remain
  • Dec: Joy

What have been your highlights of 2018? I’d love to hear! Tomorrow I shall let you into my New Year plans!



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