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Happy New Year!

I hope the year has started you well – I have a slight sugar hangover, due to a well planned Chinese and Asti combination! Lots of water and movement is bringing the levels down though! I’ve just written my first journal entry of the year. Last year for me was full of new experiences and raised goals. God showed me not to seek out a word from him, but rather to trust him in the seasons. As each season transitioned He spoke new works over me that bought faith to persevere through! Towards the end of the year, He began to show me the word PEACE. I was so sure this would be my word for 2019, yet it turns out it is only part of what He had in store. After reviewing, dreaming, writing and reading I finally allowed my busy heart and mind to settle on one overarching word:


It seemed to cover all the areas I felt called to this year, it also felt like a word which rejected my tendency to strive. Deepen sounded like a verb, an action for me to complete. Yet the reason I drew to it from the other words I was playing with was that God is calling it to be its true adjective. This year is not about me striving, but falling deeper into the life he has called me to.


That is not to say, I am to rest on my laurels and do nothing. God gives purpose and works for us to do. It seems to be more about what compels me and motivates me. It’s about where my time, energy and money go. It’s about how He wants to grow me this year. Therefore, I began to look for the threads which led to this word, and asked “where am I to deepen this year” and “how”. I find it helpful than rather write goals/resolutions to categorize them and so as I looked through my inked out thoughts, I began to pull them together.

Aspirations, Attitudes & Actions

We can aspire to may goals at the beginning of the year, but goals don’t just happen because we write them down. For me, I ask myself what attitudes need to be cultivated and what actions will make it happen. In some cases my New Year Resolutions are attitudes and actions, so I go the other way and ask – why – what difference will these things make. This year I found they all wove together into one new year manifesto. I won’t share all the actions; some of these things only need to be declared between my closest and I; others I am happy to journey with you on!



This year, deepen

My Faith: fall in love with the gospel again, my church community, personal prayer time and worship. To do this I am seeking you each month for what to read, rather than just picking the next good looking plan; put into action what I learn each Sunday; pray for others when we meet.

I believe that to be my main focus and from that, all else was flow. I also believe that these other declarations will edify and equip me in the journey.

My Love for my Home: a restful environment, a place I love. To do this I will finish Project Bathroom and re-paint where is needed. Create a new and workable way of cleaning, do a quarterly cull. Play the piano more. Buy CosyPhones.

Peace in mind: grow my confidence and esteem, identify and defeat lies that have laid dormant, see myself how God sees me, be able to say no without feeling guilty. To do this I will, surround myself with the right people, learn not to use the phone so much, book a holiday, pay off credit, give to a food bank once a month.

Peace in Body: Learn to love my body but also make good choices for it. This will be helped by sugar and a caffeine detox, setting goals for boot camp and talking therapy.

Relationships: In 2018 I learned to ask for help, continue this in 2019. Be ok with mine, and others priorities being different. Love more. Seek peace. Honour and invest well. I will do this by, writing more cards and letters, praying with people when we meet, saying thank you more. Actually finishing Pretty Little Liars with Louisa!

Joy: saying yes to what fuels me, getting outside, choosing radio and books over TV, keeping in exercising, creating a good environment, breaking up with the phone. My actions for this will be to: read ‘How to break up with your phone!’, Get talking therapy, deepen giftings (writing, singing, prophetic) by seeking out mentors/classes. Schedule in weekly walks (weather dependent), book trips to the theatre and use The Arden more.


Here’s to 2019 hope you enjoy the journey!

Comment below your word if you have one!

2 thoughts on “Deepen

  1. Hi Lou, I absolutely loved reading this. You are a very inspirational lady. Many of the goals I read on your blog are the same as what are on my heart for my life this year. I hope we can meet up and have a proper catch up this year. I would love to talk about these things. We must plan it. I am envisaging a peaceful meet up sans kiddies, although they would love to see you too! I will keep reading your blogs. Praying God will continue to bless you. Xx

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