Arrow & Pen


Hi I’m Lou,

I live in a beautiful town of Faversham in Kent, UK.

Since I could hold a pencil, I’ve found myself writing!

When I was 13 my mum made me a journal, I have kept one ever since. I have grown from reflection and it’s supported my emotional health. I started this blog in 2014

I love words and I create with words: journaling, poems, stories, plays…

I believe words have the power to transform.

I have been told my words are like arrows.

I love seeing people live whole and free. I love seeing this from a point of psychology and of spirituality; in fact, I don’t see a separation.

I have a quirk for understanding names. My name means warrior. I am a warrior for freedom.

I take my arrow and dip it in ink.

Not to start a war but because I love people. An extrovert at heart but it’s more than that. I am fiercely loyal, I really believe in you.

I want to see people living free and in abundance.

I get to the core of things, but to me, I’m just sharing what is on my heart. I believe in appropriate vulnerability, I am not the expert but the one asking if you’d want to share the journey for a while. I love a good walk.

My desire is to see people, unlocked.
I don’t fire arrows without aim, without care, nor to hurt or humiliate.

You matter to me. Let’s have a coffee, a chat, let’s inspire, let’s challenge, let’s throw off all that hinders us, let’s work this out together and let us unlock freedom!

Draw Back to His eye, Aim, Fire

Why not try?

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The things I am Passionate about (2015)

My Happiness Project Commandments (2015)

My first post (2014)

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