Take That

A little thought

Where do you draw your strength from? I was sat in the beautiful grounds of Abbey Physic Garden last bank holiday when this little one popped up next to me. Basking in the sunshine, with a book, a coffee and surrounded by nature, you could question my extrovert tendency! Fear not, I’d started the day on coffee and cake with a friend, all ways I draw strength.

Today, I have felt drained. I can easily then draw on that which continues to deplete my tank; bad food, non stop TV, endless scrolling…

It only takes a minute girl…

I remembered, I was going to stand each day. I’ve not managed every day. Today I tried to ignore it, and fall into the lull of watching the next episode over and over again. Eventually I knew, strength was not going to rise from drawing from these actions.

I stood, not really expecting much. “OK i’ll do it, but nothings going to happen”. Except experience is telling me, each time I stand there is a shift in me.

Today I stood. In a moment the fog and lethergy went, and it all became rather amusing. A mindset shift in a minute.

Take That.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the lord

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