Summer dreams


Summer has passed and September is quite firmly here. Fifteen days in and I haven’t quite got back into that ‘back to school’ routine. Fifteen days in and I’m holding out for the sweep of an Indian Summer and dreaming of the month that has passed. Summer is starting to find it’s place in my memories; toing and froing in dance-like form with Autumn, a give and take of the not quite over and not quite started.


Summer was pitted with beautiful moments. A Cambridge wedding sounded the start of what was a picturesque and wonder-filled six weeks. A friendly and restful Airbnb, a beautiful warm and heart-lifting wedding (see post) and an evening of dancing.

As August began, I crossed a long-time bucket list attendee off of my life inventory. They say never meet your heroes, well I didn’t ‘meet’ him, but I sat for a whole evening listening to the wonder and joy that is Ludovico Einaudi. I’ve never felt so at peace.

A week later, I was back in London, trialing out the Too Good to Go app (which is incredible – £3.49 for a meal in Primrose Hill!) and joined my sister-friend at The Roundhouse in Camden for a Backyard Cinema LA nights showing of ’10 Things I hate about you!’ It was a fabulous experience, and yes, we knew most of the words! We are definitely looking to book a winter night showing for Christmas time! Check out the mix from Jaguar Skills that was played before the film began!

Then, of course, there was Austria, I can’t even begin to start on how incredible that was but I hope to unpack the suitcase of inspiration over the next few months. For now, you can peek here at some of my pictures


Summer has also been the season of preparing myself for a season of letting go. As the nights come in quicker, the temperature cools and the leaves get a new wardrobe, I know I’m on the cusp of a new season. It’s baby steps, I am having to trust in a new way, a way where I don’t always know the answers – not because Jesus has none for me, but because we’ve discussed together my need for control and his desire for me to live in full freedom. Letting go, holding lightly, trusting him. As the speaker on my trip said:

“Just as we just got on the cable car and trusted it would take us up the mountain, Jesus too can be trusted with our lives”

The summer ended how it started an equally beautiful and wonder-filled wedding. Two weddings, yet each with their own design woven around the ones who had fallen in love. Because life isn’t a formula, it can’t be – He is too creative for that. The wedding signaled a physical demonstration of my beginning to let go, the second of the summer. The first was saying goodbye to the gym I have been at for 4 years, now the second my choir.

This morning one of the children at church asked if we could sing ‘My Lighthouse’. There’s a line in it “I will trust the promise, you will carry me safe to shore”. It struck me that right now, that is my life motto. I don’t know what’s coming in this last quarter, but I will trust the promise and follow the guiding light.



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