What to do when it rains

September has finally arrived, bags are being packed and new wardrobes unveiled as Autumn slides into view. Much as I like the colour palette that will begin to shade the countryside, I am not ready for the darker evenings and cooler weather. It has been a funny old summer too, days have started out promising and ended with torrents of rain, or started out grey and ended with … Continue reading What to do when it rains

Am I Fearless?

Yesterday Karen from Love Your Camera hosted a Creative Skills Swap Day at the Alexander Centre in town! It was a day of flower crown making (a new skill for most of us)., vision boarding, chocolate strawberry eating, instagram stories, and getting to know each others creative passions and life stories.   So, are you fearless? Yesterday Rachel from Olive & Blossom asked me that question. The answer … Continue reading Am I Fearless?