Well, it’s been a while friends! How are you doing with your lent fasts? I don’t think I have spoken yet about mine, I think I thought I’d have been a master blogger by now because of it. Yet instead, it has opened up something about my heart – and it’s unfolded a question What…

Life Lessons

So the other day, I was at the gym working on one of my 2019 goals – to complete the C25K app! This is definitely a goal I am having to bring a load of motivation into. Completing it will be both a struggle and a joy.

Age of Ultron

There are two main ways in which I am inspired; other than through being around inspiring people. Both paths work hand in hand, I can do one, or other, depending on the mood. Both work in my favour, even when I am not asking them to. One is a literal path, I am inspired when…

It’s Only Words

Sat outside in this gorgeous sunshine escaping to the streets of Paris in my latest read, I was reminded of my passion for words. I love words, I surround myself with them. I use them (maybe sometimes too much) but words are essential to my life. I often talk about the words we say, whether…

The last time I cried

hello friends! I love finding out things about people and so when Kara from Innocent Charm Chats has tagged me into her all about me I was fascinated to read her answers. I loved the questions too, I think that they show a lot about the soul of a person. I set about answering them and here…

A History of My Obsession With Words

My obsession with words
Came alive with a door
I remember as a child
No older than four
That door
Connecting me to our kitchen
Adorned with postcards
Connecting me to my father’s heart


Last weekend I had a rare full Saturday with no planned activities and so took myself up to Reculver to sit in a cafe on the seafront and take some time to write. Sitting there with a savoury crepe filling my senses, staring our the ‘square porthole’ to the sea as if someone had pre-styled me…


Maybe I overestimated how tired Panto would make me… Day 11 of blogmas and the prompt is splash; which really does sum up today. Today was rather grey and miserable and therefore working from home was not going to be an option. Laptop packed I headed down to The Yard Faversham for some long-awaited caffeine! I…


It’s dress rehearsal tonight. I’ve been reading through the script relearning lines I have now learnt; knowing one day in three years time I’ll be sat in a doctors surgery or stood in a queue and they will suddenly run themselves through my brain. As I’m reading through these words I know, I’ve been reminding…


They say you can’t choose your family. I don’t think that’s entirely true. It just depends on how you define the word. As someone who moved away from my parental home at 18, finding family, where I am, has been important to me. I never thought I’d be in Kent. The plan was Birmingham, Kent…