Spring Loves

Happy Bank Holiday!! I’ve taken a break from the sunshine to come inside and was about to write a post of fear & faith and in the process remembered about my monthly favourites. I haven’t done them in forever, and I’m not about to make a plan of it. However this spring I feel like I have been awakened to some new products and so … Continue reading Spring Loves

Murder Mystery Party

Hello, So, it’s been a while, I thought maybe I should explain myself, not that I need to justify anything, rather as a document or memory to why there is such a gap. Mostly it’s because I’m in the local pantomime, something had to go to allow for rehearsals and line learning I’ve also been tired, lacklustre maybe. There is a point when I’m tired when I … Continue reading Murder Mystery Party


This June work took over everything! Whilst I was loving everything I was doing, I was taking the lessons from last month and taking the time to self-care.This month I have one favourite and that was the Summer photography walk with loveyourcamera.co.uk As before, we started out at Grain Store Studio but this time having walked through the field of grapes we headed right towards a stile. Walking … Continue reading June