Something new for 2017, at the end of each month, I’m going to highlight 5 favourites that framed my month! Of course, food and drink will be involved but also there will be a couple of other inspirational favourites Pip & Nut Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter This is just wonderful! I picked it up at…

Carols & Creating [day 15]

FIFTEEN Two of the many things I love about advent are carols and the Christmas tree. When the two are combined – even better! Therefore I am totally looking forward to our Christmas Service on Sunday! I had a moment of nostalgia earlier in the week and decided to have a go at making my…


What brings me joy?

It’s the end of the working week and I’m about to go out with some of my favourite people for a wine tasting organised by Hercules Wines. One of the photo prompts for today is ‘joy’, which of course is also a theme of advent! As I was driving home through one of my favourite routes home, looking at the pink skies I thought about this question.


Then there are days where you make the most incredible salad ever. This was one of those days.

of Freedom, Faliure and Fauna 

 I’ve been struggling for writing content Part of this struggle is most likely due to the busyness and proscratinance* of life. However a large part of it is due to starting posts and then just losing steam, feeling it’s not good enough, someone else will have written it better. Then three things happened: #1 I…