Two minutes ago the train was empty. Now she sits surrounded by men talking about football using language unknown to her. She’s thinking about what she wrote yesterday about craving. Having just successfully completed a 21 day sugar detox, thoughts are connecting in her mind linking her learning from the detox to her musings in this season. “After seven of the twenty one days, I … Continue reading Change

Spring Loves

Happy Bank Holiday!! I’ve taken a break from the sunshine to come inside and was about to write a post of fear & faith and in the process remembered about my monthly favourites. I haven’t done them in forever, and I’m not about to make a plan of it. However this spring I feel like I have been awakened to some new products and so … Continue reading Spring Loves


With only a week to go before Christmas Day, I thought it would be good to try out some Christmas cocktail recipes. A few hours later… GINGERBREAD BELLINI This was lovely because mainly I love gingerbread! I used the Belvoir Ginger cordial and definitely put in too much! The main problem is it’s too easy to drink!! 3/5 NUTELLA MARTINI I wouldn’t now use the … Continue reading EIGHTEEN