Spring Loves

Happy Bank Holiday!! I’ve taken a break from the sunshine to come inside and was about to write a post of fear & faith and in the process remembered about my monthly favourites. I haven’t done them in forever, and I’m not about to make a plan of it. However this spring I feel like…

Music & Lyrics

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I’ve been blogging all day for work, writing up all my youth talks (11 years worth!). Whilst I’m in the swing of it I thought why not, get the last of the sunshine and write an extra post for this week! One of the last talks I wrote up had me…


What have you loved in April?

A little window into my life and my loves!

The Conductor [day 16]

Where do you get your rhythm? Do you find it hard when it feels like all you are doing is playing the same note over and over again, whilst others have complex melody? Do you hear only your part or the full piece?

Carols & Creating [day 15]

FIFTEEN Two of the many things I love about advent are carols and the Christmas tree. When the two are combined – even better! Therefore I am totally looking forward to our Christmas Service on Sunday! I had a moment of nostalgia earlier in the week and decided to have a go at making my…


The Arden Theatre was the first club I joined when I moved to Faversham. I’ve committed to it because it brings together two worlds that I love: the stage and the bar. Two worlds that I miss; three wishes that I have


Are you someone who loves the wait for Christmas, loves the build up the preparation, loves the wait to finally lead to unwrapping gifts. Or are you the one who tried to guess what everything is, even has a little peek if they can. It can be difficult sometimes to trust in Gods promises. We…


I feel like at the moment I am in an unresolved place. There are situations happening which make me feel like a dissonant note.


I wrote at the beginning of the year that I wanted to get out of the armchair, live and experience what I am saying. One of my core values is to celebrate others achievements and be a cheerleader to the people around me. Therefore, without further ado; I would like to present to you EMILY WATTS


Short cover of Frances’ Don’t Worry About Me